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Listen To Oshua's New Single When 'No Bodies Around'

Perth-based alt R&B/Hip-Hop artist Oshua has delivered his latest track ‘no bodies around’, just in time for a contemplative late-night drive. With the help of Internet Money’s Platzus, the pair have created a genre-mashing jam about loneliness and isolation. Oshua explains further:

“A song about feeling confused when I’m alone, and lonely when I’m with people. I’ve been pushing myself lately to experiment with sounds that are one foot in and one foot out of primary & secondary genres - ’No Bodies Around’ is borderline singing and borderline rapping, the whole song has this neutral tone to it.”

Containing dynamic drum patterns, chilling synths and Oshua’s bold vocal execution, 'No Bodies Around' is for headphones, private playlists, or those group situations where the music playing calls to you more than the surrounding shallow conversations.

For Fans Of: Clairo, Boy Pablo, Juice WRLD

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