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Little May New Single, Tour and Album 'Blame My Body'

Indie darlings Little May have released a new single ‘As Loving Should’ before their upcoming album, Blame My Body.

“We went into this record wanting to be bold & honest with ourselves, without shame,” the band recently said in a statement on their social media pages. “Both of us had very different experiences whilst making this record, too. We wrote these songs separately and together, and in the process there was fear, joy, freedom, denial, shame, love, acknowledgment, anger, acceptance, surprise and confusion".

"We both became aware of ourselves and each other a little more. We tried to make sense of the world during a specific time, and in our own ways. Some of these songs were written consciously, some were written unconsciously. We wrote them to self soothe, and to have a good time. We had an incredible time making this record.”

Vocalist Hannah field sings “I chose the bottle over you so many times / No more empty promises this body is mine".

Little May tour Europe with The Rubens in September. Blame My Body is out May 3rd.



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