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Little Quirks Take Us On A Journey To The Magical Land Of 'Florence's Town'

Image: Little Quirks | supplied

Central Coast trio Little Quirk's latest single and music video is a Wizard of Oz-inspired adventure of epic proportions.

'Florence's Town' sees the band taking us to the mystical, fictional city of the same name. The result is an unforgettable pop song which serves as the family band's debut release for their new label, ABC Music.

Frontwoman Abbey Toole explains, ”’Florence’s Town' is a story of people searching to find a magical, fictional place called Florence’s Town. The characters within this story are trying to prove their worth and earn their way into the love and freedom this place holds. In a world where unfortunately everything and everyone can be judged, I wanted it to be an anthem of empowerment for everyone feeling like they don’t fit into the social ‘norm’.”

It's a sentiment that will no doubt be shared by many listeners. It's the kind of song that lets you just forget about the real world for a moment, and travel to a place where all your fears and worries are far, far away.

This feeling is further enhanced by the music video, which sees the band members on a journey to this magical place, trying to free themselves of their burdens as they go. The video, directed by the band themselves, features impressive visuals and contains a host of references to The Wizard of Oz.

It displays the very DIY attitude shared by the band; they create all of their music, cover art and videos themselves. As a family of two sisters and a cousin, they share very strong chemistry and a wealth of musical experience together, having grown up busking at local farmers markets.

The two sisters Abbey (vocal/guitar) and Mia Toole (drums) and cousin Jaymi Toole (vocals/mandolin) grew up together in a very musical extended family, with their parents having played in bands together in the 80s. They are also joined by Jaymi's brother Alex Toole, who contributes bass and vocals.

Although they do not lack musical knowledge and experience, their ages may come as a surprise to some. Mia is the youngest at just 16 years of age, while Abbey and Jaymi are both older by 3 and 6 years respectively. It just proves that in this industry if you're good enough, you're old enough.

'Florence's Town' continues an impressive run of singles and EPs released by the band over the past few years, and makes a strong case for their best tune yet. The future is bright for these Little Quirks.

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