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Live Music Is ...B-Back? The Tivoli Announces 'Open Season' Featuring Washington, Cub Sport + More

Photo credit: Washington Music Socials

Live music is slowly but surely, well very very slowly and slightly unsurely, coming back. Either way, we couldn’t possibly be more excited about it. Iconic Brisbane venue The Tivoli has announced a string of live shows, alongside other entertainment as part of the ‘Open Season’ series.

The first round of artists announced included an exciting crop of local artists such as Electric Fields, Washington and Cub Sport, with another round of artist announcements coming next month. The Tivoli’s creative director Dave Sleswick says ‘The Tivoli feels a profound responsibility to bring music, performance and the arts back to the city’ and honestly, even that has me blinking back tears. In a year stained by absurdity, any ounce of normalcy this summer will definitely be greeted with watery eyes and dangerous levels of enthusiasm. For a quick dose of hype, listen to Cub Sport's latest album performed live in full.

The announced performances stretch all the way from early November to early February with plenty more still to be revealed. With one of Cub Sport's shows already selling out and a few others going fast, you'll want to grab tickets from the link below ASAP and get ready to dance 2020 away.

The Tivoli Open Season

Tickets here

Thursday, 5th November Ed Kuepper (The Saints) + Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Friday, 6th + Saturday, 7th November Cub Sport (few tickets remaining)

Friday, 13th + Saturday, 14th November Electric Fields

Sunday, 15th November Sunday Roast w/ Beddy Rays and friends (few tickets remaining)

Friday, 20th November Jaguar Jonze w Wedance (Korea)

Saturday, 21st November First Beige

Wednesday, 25th November – Saturday, 5th December Company 2 presents Le Coup

Wednesday, 9th December – Saturday, 19th December Briefs Factory w Sahara Beck present Bite Club

Tuesday, 22nd + Wednesday, 23rd December Washington (Batflowers return season)

Thursday, 31st December Brisbane Immersive presents Speakeasy: A New Year’s Eve Event

Thursday, 4th + Friday, 5th February 2021 Custard



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