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LIVE REVIEW - FKA Twigs @ Carriageworks

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

FKA Twigs Lights up Carraigeworks During her Vivid Performance.

FKA Twigs is as mysterious of an artist as they come. Twigs’ artistry was in full effect during her recent Magdalene tour performance at Carriage works… at least for those that were able to see it.

The Carriageworks venue was once an abandoned rail yard that has since been reopened as an arts hub. The stage setting was pretty low and it was tough to see over so many people. It was a blessing I was wearing some Nike Air Max 97's to give me a couple inches because if not, I would have been on my toes the whole show. I wasn’t the only vertically challenged person in attendance who had trouble enjoying the concert, many fans took to Facebook via the event page to express their frustrations of not being able to see the concert as well. Carriageworks recently issued a statement that reads:

“We’re so sorry to those who couldn’t see.”

“The international staging of Twigs’ Magdalene tour does not include large scale video screens. We take on board your comments about stage height and will work towards making our future music events better.”

From the best sightline possible, the show began with Twigs revealing herself from a hidden veil of white smoke. Towards the end a pole appears, and she begins whirling her body like a contortionist with a remix of ‘Light On’ playing in the background. Twigs incorporated movement and dance throughout the whole show. Her dancers donned white cotton layers and crop tops. Twigs changed her costume numerous times presenting a unique aesthetic upon each entrance. I think this was important because each time she changed it seemed as if she was showing off a new side of herself to the audience.

I was curious to see how entertaining the performance would be considering Twigs has a limited discography encompassing only one LP and two Ep's, but what she lacks in catalogue depth, she made up for in sonic delivery, visuals, and performance of unreleased songs.

Her voice rolled off the stage like soft elongated whispers that filled the room with resonation. She radiated passion in front of a red velvet curtain and captivated the crowd with her breathy vocals. The audience was so enamoured that a woman in the crowd exclaimed “You are enough!” with the rest of the audience then chiming in as Twigs closed out ‘Cellophane.’ – which is a song that depicts her previous relationship with actor Robert Pattinson.

The vibe in the room was surreal. Hardly anybody was on their phones recording or flashing bright lights, which of course added to the shadowy ambience, but more importantly let me know how well she caught everyone’s attention.

The show was a quality display of art, beauty, vulnerability, and feminine passion. If the stage had been properly constructed some people may have formed even better opinions. I’m sure Carriageworks will rectify the issue in the future, but if not bring a pair of Air Max 97's and get to the venue early.



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