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LIVE REVIEW - Ruel Makes His Mark @ Festival Hall

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Photography by Connie Smith

When you think of a typical 16-year-old boy, you think of someone who goes to school, hangs out with friends, plays sports and lives an ordinary life. However, when you mix a 16-year-old boy with worldwide fame, it instantly becomes talk of the town and that’s exactly what Ruel is. Ruel brought his Free Time tour to Festival Hall, Melbourne and gave his fans an unforgettable show. Paired with an incredibly talented and engaging opening act, the night was unforgettable and I think every teenage girl in us was left a little dazed and confused in the best way possible.

Opening for Ruel was the insanely talented Billy Davis, joined by singer VanJess and Matt McGhee. I hadn’t heard of these artists before but I honestly left wanting to know more about them and their music. They filled Festival Hall with screaming, chanting and an electric energy, singing songs such as No Rush, Not Polite and newly released single, Wilderness. It’s all about knowing how to engage with the crowd and get them vamped up for the opener and they sure did that! What I loved most was seeing how much fun they were having on stage. They genuinely looked so engaged with each other on stage and made every effort to include the audience every step of the way. Billy Davis is someone to look out for, he’s an inspired musician, and insane keyboard player and an overall incredible entertainer.

I was lucky enough to have seen Ruel perform at The Forum only a few months back on his first tour so I feel very lucky to have seen the young 16-year-old perform all over again in his new Free Time tour. What can I say, this kid is the definition of talent and dedication. Not only does he tour relentlessly and miss out on seeing friends and family, he writes killer songs in between touring and trying to live his life. Ruel debuted new song Free Time, as well as other hits such asFace to Face, Hard Sometimes and Real Thing. It is a hard thing to pour your heart and soul out, let alone to millions of fans all over the world who watch your every move. The young and talented singer songwriter took the audience on a journey by opening up to us about mental health, the stress and anxiety that comes with fame at such a young age and the feeling of missing out time with friends to tour and work on music. I commend Ruel on following his dream and sticking out the hard times to do what he loves and what he is good at; making music.

Ruel will be taking his Free Time tour world wide, travelling around the U.S and Great Brittan. The young heart throb is making tracks in the music industry and will most definantly continue to grow and succeed as a talented and captivating musician.

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