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LIVE REVIEW: Spacey Jane at the Fortitude Music Hall

Photography: @thattomvu

For three spellbinding nights, Spacey Jane took over the Fortitude Music Hall and saw eager crowds twisting around the block ready to enjoy an incredible night of live music. The beloved Australian indie-rock band's Here Comes Everybody tour celebrated the recent release of their album of the same name, and what a celebration it was- from the very beginning of the support acts to the end of the loudly requested encore.

Teenage Dads started the night off with a bang- their amazing stage presence and energy-filled set had the crowd engaged from the get-go, dancing like there was no tomorrow alongside the band- lead singer Jordy’s moves got everyone especially hyped. Beginning with a catchy performance of 'Elevator' that riled the crowd up and set the mood, they launched into tune after incredible tune- including an unreleased number and their new single 'Teddy' which was an immediate crowd favourite. The set wrapped up with 'Come on, Cowboy. Fire your Gun! ', and provided the perfect ending- the whole crowd had their “weapons up” alongside the band, finger guns and hands on hips galore.

Next up we saw the incredible Sydney-based pop band I Know Leopard take to the stage, bringing with them an arsenal of absolutely hypnotic music- their opening song, 'Landmine', set a groovy, relaxed tone for the next forty minutes. Atmospheric lighting, glowing instruments, talented musicians- it was an absolutely fantastic set, and we were treated to some of their finest- 'Heather' and 'Lover Automatic' were absolutely phenomenal. Jennifer McCullagh’s incredible violin performances elevated their performance to the next level, and this band was an absolute treat to watch.

After a brief pause between sets that proved almost fatal to the eager crowd, our highly anticipated main act Spacey Jane took to the stage to resounding cheers for an exhilarating set that couldn’t have left a single soul unhappy. Intensified by incredible visual elements provided by an LED screen that changed to match and amplify the vibe of each song, and an impressive lighting set-up, lead man Caleb Harper took centre stage accompanied by the rest of the Fremantle four-piece to wild enthusiasm to open the show with an incredible performance of 'Sitting Up'- a massively popular single from Here Comes Everybody, and for good reason- as Caleb sings “How’s that for an intro?” -the answer provided by the enthusiastic crowd is that it is absolutely incredible. From start to finish of the perfectly curated mix of Sunlight and Here Comes Everybody favourites, the crowd sang and danced their hearts out, never missing a beat.

'Skin' and 'Booster Seat' were, of course, massive crowd pleasers from Sunlight. 'Skin' was incredible live- warm lights illuminating the members against the hazy visuals provided by the aforementioned LED screen and Peppa’s soothing backing vocals made it a song to remember.

In contrast to the chilled-out vibes provided courtesy of 'Skin' and other more relaxed songs (such as 'It’s Been A Long Day'), 'Lunchtime' was absolutely electric. As the song began, the stage bathed the members of Spacey Jane in a bright purple light that intensified to a dazzling rainbow during the song's equally dazzling chorus- the band fed off of each other’s energy and their bond was clear, Peppa dancing near Kieran’s drum set, all while killing it on the bass.

As the set wrapped up, Spacey Jane took to the stage one last time for a few final songs- they wrapped the night up with 'Lots of Nothing' and an accompanying burst of confetti. Cameras came out to capture the moment, while hands reached out to grab a memento of the night- a more perfect ending could not have been had.

Teenage Dads, I Know Leopard and Spacey Jane delivered an incredible live performance, and the effort and love that has gone into crafting this tour is so clearly evident- it’ll be one to remember, and if you snag a ticket to any upcoming shows, have the absolute best time!

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