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LIVE REVIEW: Super Fun Day Festival Brings A New, Diverse And Perfect Mix Of Festival Fun

Photography by @thattomvu

Super Fun Day Festival has brought a new meaning to a 'mixed bill'. With equally as much comedy as music the day provided punters with an exciting mix of some of Australia's best up-and-coming acts as well as popular favourites.

Kicking off the day was Brisbane’s favourite indie-punk-rockers, Concrete Surfers. Walking into the venue to the sweet sounds of ‘Miscommunication’ playing was the warmest invite for punters as they grabbed their frozen cocktails and Young Henry’s and filed in front of the main stage.

After a good boogie under the sun and the clouds started to roll over, everyone moved inside to the ballroom stage to catch local larrikins Cheap Date. Playing to a packed crowd of friends and fans, the four-piece were all smiles as they played their new single ‘Honest’ to a crowd already singing along.

Following up on the main stage saw a sunny visit from the northern rivers, Pacific Avenue. Sporting their signature 70’s styles and bubbly persona's, the band soothed punters with their funky falsettos and stripped back rock attitudes.

Back into the ballroom saw Super Fun Day’s first comedy act of the day, Rhi Down, take the stage. Festival goers took a seat on the ruby red carpet floor as they were treated to some boundary-pushing comedy that had some bellies laughing, sometimes in discomfort, but it worked well in her favour.

Darting back to the outdoor stage and Michelle Brazier was sporting her charming grin that could be seen from miles away. Clearly stoked to be here Brazier had the crowd in her hands as she provided some rumbling belly laughs with her theatrical humour and powerful sing-along skits.

Next up was Aaron Gocs who brought his true blue Aussie humour to the ballroom stage. In true Goccsy style he swallowed a fly within the first five minutes of his set which kicked off the giggles for his set. Whether part of the skit or not we wouldn’t put it past him to have had those unlucky odds, and seemingly neither did anyone else. He had some bellies rolling with laughter with his laid-back carefree vibes and dad humour.

Darting back to the main stage, Shag Rock invited punters into their sun-kissed world of feel good tunes with their distinctive groove-filled riffs and bustling ballads. The front row was filled with fans singing along to every lick and lyric as the four-piece played both old and new music, including fan favourite 'Sunbleached Girl'.

Next up was, local indie-rock faves Melaleuca. Filling in last minute for Sweater Curse, the band was not a slice underprepared. Engulfing the stage with ease they had a huge crowd filing into the ballroom before their set even started. After playing crowd favourites 'Janes In Town' and 'Face Down' guitarist and vocalist Jane posed a controversial yet under-discussed question… “Are BBQ shapes spicy?” to which Jane passionately agreed to. The band of mates had some excellent stage banter and crowd interactions, something you don’t see too often from a band still so early in their journey.

Alex Lahey served up the perfect sunny afternoon vibe as she soothed punters with her deep hooks and sing-along chorus'. Filling in last minute for Middle Kids, Lahey explained that she had just got off a plane and would be getting back on one straight after set so she wanted to soak up each moment on stage. Clearly eager to be performing in sunny Queensland, she chatted to the chats and interacts with the audience with such ease that it feels like a campfire moment. Wrapping up her set with her biggest hits, “Let’s Go Out”, and “You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me”, it was the perfect transition into local lunatics Beddy Rays.

Bursting on stage with energy that would set the bar high for the rest of the evening, the festival was Beddy Rays and no one else's for the next forty-five minutes. Playing crowd favourites straight off the bat, the band brought Tia Gostelow on stage for a Triple J 'Like A Version' rendition of Thelma Plum's 'Better In Blak'.

As the night sunk in, The Vanns were a crowd favourite as punters packed in front of the main stage to witness the four-piece absolutely shred. With their grand guitar breakdowns and hearty hooks the band is a true powerhouse of modern day Australian rock and roll.

Quickly after fans piled into the ballroom to catch spell-binding pop-songstress Tia Gostelow. The room was packed to the brim as the band performed for the first together as a three piece, fitting like puzzle pieces.

Next up was the talk of the town, the most anticipated act amongst punters... Aunty Donna. The three piece of eccentric lunatics are an act you truly have to see to even begin to understand, with a set filled with non-stop shenanigans the crowd loved every second.

Closing up the night in true festival fashion was everyone's favourite surf-rock duo, Hockey Dad. Providing a set perfect for a hot Aussie summer night, Hockey Dad played crowd favourites 'I Wanna Be Everybody' and 'Seaweed' before encoring 'Join The Club' to a crowd screaming the lyrics louder than them.

Super Fun Day brought a new, diverse and perfect mix of festival fun to Eatons Hill Hotel. Pairing music and comedy is something we don't see often enough and the festival showed us exactly what we are missing in Australia's festival scene. A day full of laughs, good music, frozen cocktails and zero clashes.

SUPER FUN DAY Sat 26 March, 2022 was presented by triple j and Destroy All Lines

at Eatons Hill Hotel, QLD



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