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LIVE REVIEW - Trophy Eyes @ The Tivoli

“I remember seeing these guys play to a crowd of thirty people” I overheard a passionate fan, donning a Trophy Eyes shirt, say as The Tivoli was filling to the brim of equally excited fans. This quintet of punk-rockers from Newcastle have taken the plunge in one of their most ambitious national tours yet, to celebrate the release of their third album ‘The American Dream’. They’re playing some pretty large venues right across the country and as they say, you have to risk it for the biscuit, and oh boy, is it biscuit-a-plenty.

STUMPS kicked off the night of powerful punk-rock choruses, with their blend of hard rock and brit pop. Lead vocalist Kyle Fisher has a deep reach in his vocals that’s reminiscent of Johnny Cash and it gorgeous way of blending the heavy musicianship together. STUMPS have got a lot of spunk in them, and the talent and stage presence that will take them far.

With one of the most occa accents introducing themselves with a, “G’day Brissie, howzit gowin?” Dear Seattle launched into a fiery set filled with heavy, angst ridden rock tunes that turned the atmosphere into genuine electricity. With a songwriting style (and stage presence too) falling somewhere in the Skeggs realm, their high energy and cheeky lyricism turned this now packed Tivoli into a singing, dancing, death-pitting storm of fun. Dropping tracks like ‘Concrete’ and ‘Maybe’ that was met with an entire crowd singing along word for word - Dear Seattle are growing a huge set of loyal fans who aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Opening with an eerie light shows, and an ominous monologue overlaid, the tension grew with anticipation for headliners Trophy Eyes - but as soon as the Newcastle-five waltzed onto the platform, they launched into a non-stop action show of powerful punk ballads, insane musicianship and an unprecedented production value that truly show that these music makers are genuine showmen.

The nihilistic undertones that form the foundations of ‘The American Dream’ resonate so beautifully in this arena. The connection the group have with their fans is rare, and to maintain it for a full headline set is something beautiful. With ‘Something Bigger Than This’’ a summation of this relationship as anthemic chorus is belted by both band and crowd; the passion is palpable.

The light show that fills the full set is another testament to how much effort Trophy Eyes have put into creating a show for their fans. If the cannons weren’t enough, if the interactive backdrop wasn’t enough, if the smoke show wasn’t enough, if charismatic, high energy, non-stop powerful vocals and tight musicianship wasn’t enough - then you’ll enjoy the pretty lights.

Nailing both the minimalist acapella moments, and the highly intricate and complex rhythms - there is such level of musicianship that can only come from a combination of dedication to the craft and born talent and all five of these lads have both. The chemistry shared by each member creates this infectious energy that is shared amongst the crowd. The lyrical vulnerability somehow translates beautifully into their stage performance.