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LIVE REVIEW: Up Close & Personal with Spacey Jane @ The Night Quarter

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Photo Credit: Isabella Rae-Argo

Saturday 6th June, twas' indeed a night to remember. Spacey Jane played a booming set that was far beyond far out. Though initially, a seated function due to newly reinforced covid restrictions, this did little to deter the swell of anticipation from a hugely excited crowd.

The doors opening at 5 pm, enter opening act the Moving Stills. With their certain blend of surfy disco-pop and eccentric dancing, the boys definitely knew to set a mood for the bustling crowd. Very chill vibe indeed.

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Second act, Jess Day is one of great potential. Rolling sounds, great crowd work, what's not to love. The band seemed to communicate very well not only with themselves but the crowd as well. Piercing guitars that echo a strong 90s sentiment, it feels as if this band escaped right out of the film, 'Scott Pilgrim vs the World.' A notable track that stood out was 'Signals' displaying phat palm-muted riffs with a genuine vibe.

"Didn't talk to any of my friends, just sat in silence with your edgy long hair."

Jess Day thrives in the heavier department, placing a strong, reminiscing the sounds of Aussie legends WAAX and Tired Lion. This was expressed in an extremely tasteful cover of My Delirium by Lady Hawke. Overall it the group packs a fruity punch, playing some goodies at the end that did some justice in the crowd for the next big players.

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...Spacey Jane

It seems those 30 minutes of waiting felt like a lifetime, as the crowd eagerly awaited this year winners (in my heart that is) of the Hottest 100. Finally, the crowd roars to tank top and charisma taking the entrance to the stage. No doubt, it's Spacey's frontman, Caleb Harper.

Photo Credit: Trist Schurmann

It was hard not to feel sorry for the security staff, as naughty crowd goers converted the once seated covid-safe venue into a ferocious mosh pit. Chairs were stacked into pagodas, the climb seen as a pilgrimage by the crazed Spacey devotees.

Immediately following the opening track 'Skin,' the crowd's already stoked, and the sent of flavoursome Aussie music's sweetens the air. You know the smell. To elaborate it's fairly similar to that of bunnings sausages on a crisp Saturday morning.

From the get-go you can tell the band is having heaps of fun.

By the second song, 'Cold Feet,' the crowds already chanting every word.

Following the first tunes of the set, it's followed by confident "Sunny coast what’s going on" Guitarist, Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu on cue unbuttons two of his buttons. Following this moment of vulnerability, it's a necessity for the next track to be the pained 'Good Grief.' In the background, a crowd goer says, "Just imagine if that song was written about you." Powerful stuff.

Photo Credit: Trist Schurmann

Drummer Kieran Lama gets on the mic to share his sentiments, "Sunny coast what’s up!"

The crowd roars with approval. This follows with a long thumping drum beat. Caleb this time more softly spoken says "think it’s time for our new stuff." It's clear the man knows how to draw a crowd begging the track 'Lots of Nothing'

The group definitely knows how to structure a set, finishing off the magnificent 'Booster Seat,' supposedly ending the set for good.

However, undoubtedly the crowds still not satisfied " One more song!" "One more song." Scattered suggestions quickly become a unified chant.

The tech comes out to start unplugging the mics. The sets over for sure, time to go home. The tech goes to the main mic, puts his hand up to his ear and does a nod of approval. Surely not.

Photo Credit: Isabella Rae-Argo

He walks backstage. Then silence. Surely not. The band must be exhausted. A gruelling thirty gigs in two months. That's quite a handful and I'm sure the group would be content kicking up their doc martens over a cold one.

However, much like theirs fans, Spacey are no quitters. The group comes out again to screaming applause. playing the rocking 'Good for You,' to finish off a night more than full of enjoyment. This live experience proves that Spacey not only know how to write magnificent rock anthems, but also how to be the rockstars behind them.

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