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LIVE REVIEW: Valley's 'Lost in Translation' Tour @ The Triffid

Every few months I go through a phase where I rediscover Valley's 2019 album Maybe and become unable to listen to anything else.

I have never believed in manifestation more than when not even two weeks after I was very deep in one of the aforementioned Maybe phases, and had been complaining very dramatically to my friends about how I could not go on any longer without hearing 'Sports Car' live, Valley announced an Australian tour in support of their new album, Lost in Translation.

The Canadian alt-pop group are one of my all-time favourite bands. The quartet makes music that perfectly encapsulates the experiences of early adulthood in all its moments of uncertainty and euphoria. It's simultaneously uplifting (and very fun to dance to live), and cathartic- have I mentioned yet how much I love the song 'Sports Car'?

After being treated to an absolutely electric set by Brisbane favourite Selfish Sons- (who are heading overseas for a few months so I'm super happy to have gotten the chance to see them once more before they left!), Valley began their show.

'theme' played over the speakers, and the band took to the stage for titular track 'Lost In Translation'. The combo was a super fun and immersive intro to the night- I always love when interludes or other atmospheric pieces from an album are included in the live set.

I loved how in sync the band was from the get-go. I also really liked that the drum set was placed to the side instead of the back of the stage- I've noticed a few bands doing this lately and I really enjoyed being able to see Karah James' drumming throughout the show.

After the dreamy 'Lost In Translation' they switch the vibe up for the more upbeat

‘Throwback Tears’. I think this was one of my favourite songs in their set- there were some really great moments of crowd interaction, and the keys in this song are so much fun.

Valley then dug a bit deeper into their discography, playing some older tracks from a few different albums and EPs- another of my favourites from Maybe, ‘There’s Still a Light in the House’ was everything I could have ever hoped for live- I just love the yearning emotion in this song, and the build-up to the chorus. It’s so much fun, and the crowd got super into it.

‘sucks to see you doing better’, ‘Oh shit… are we in love’, and ‘have a good summer (without me)' were also favourites with the crowd, and provided some awesome sing along moments and great energy.

'Good, but not together' was another of my favourites in the show. The crowd was fully immersed as Rob Laska sang, spotlighted by a single gold light in a sea of purple. His gentle acoustic guitar was complimented wonderfully by subtle harmonies and drums from Karah.

Towards the end of their set, Rob asked the crowd if they'd heard of their album Maybe to resounding cheers- he said they weren't planning on playing the next song, but it was highly requested and to my absolute delight, 'Sports Car' began.

Before the night ended, the band treated us to a few more fan favourites (and a loudly requested shoey), including 'Like 1999' and 'hiccup'. I'm already crossing all my fingers for another Australian run in the near future.


The Australian Lost in Translation tour ends tonight in Melbourne. Tickets are available here.

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