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LIVE REVIEW - WAFIA @ The Woolly Mammoth

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Wafia’s support Fae Scott a.k.a Yergurl offered the crowd her brand of euphoric bedroom Pop. The Triple J Unearthed High finalist and Year 12 student names Lana del Rey as her favourite artist, and the chill indie pop influences are clear. Yet her youthful demeanour betrays her intimate airy harmonies. Her talents as a producer are clear but bringing the vocals to the forefront of the live tracks could really get the crowd moving.

To the Woolly Mammoth’s stage then came Wafia. A home crowd, the sold-out gig was brimming with anticipation as she graced the stage with modesty and a warming grin. The last time we saw Wafia was at Falls Festival 2017 less than a month before the release of her EP VIII and she has been incredibly busy since. She has always had powerfully lofty vocals, but she has transformed from a more modest and restrained vocalist to an effortlessly energetic artist.

Starting off the night with ‘Only Love’ the crowd was already transfixed. The phones were out to grab the spontaneous snapchats and yet magically they all soon went away. In the haze of aqua tinted smoke Wafia had enchanted the audience with her warm beats and crystal clear vocals. By the time the singles ‘83 days’, ‘Bodies’ and ‘Love Somebody’ had come around Wafia and her crowd were one and the same.

To close out, her encore single ‘I’m Good’ put everyone on a last high. Her brand of pop is both through-provoking and extremely well produced. Wafia says “I feel smarter when I’m doing things that are accessible, with a message” - then we hope she feels like the smartest artist in the industry.



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