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LIVE REVIEW - Wo Fat @ Crown & Anchor Hotel

Photography: Grace Miles

The Sunday night of a long weekend always seems to bring the freaks out to town. With no work on Monday, the hazy riffs expelling from the Crown & Anchor draw an eclectic crowd for Texas stoner rockers, WO FAT.

An early start, kicking off at 7.30 had locals Howl n Bones hit the stage with their self described brand of “Scum Funk”. Psychedelic grooves riddled the set with elements of punk breaking the tension and adding a welcome flavour. The highlight of this opener for me is easily Zack Bones on bass with thunderous runs matched only by the pure power in his vocals.

Melbourne Desert Rock band Planet of the 8s pulled up in fine fashion taking the stage with a methodical and perfectly toned set. With a never ending barrage of riffs combined with tempo and style changes out of no where, they take you on a musical journey that keeps you guessing the entire trip. Psychotic, almost manic breakouts send endless drones into the ether, taking your mind along for the ride. Topping the riff wizardry off with powerful duel vocals between Sullivan (Vocals and Bass) and Cruickshank (Guitar), this band has quickly become a new addition to my regular rotation.

Planet of the 8s

As the full force of the crowd starts to wedge its way into the small yet intimate venue locally known as the Cranka, the night fills with anticipation for the monstrous, sonic destruction from WO FAT. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and I can personally guarantee that this includes riffs. From first note to last, lead guitarist Kent Stump and co. delivered what can only be described as the definition of tight and loose.

A mammoth sized wall of sound stampeded through the tiny venue and the walls could barely hold together. Leaving the crowd with no options, from sanctioned veterans to first gig goers, WO FAT ensured no head was left un-banged. Pulling from their deep catalog of records, the set was unleashed and seamlessly woven together with barely a break in sight. These old schoolers are no strangers to epic tracks that groove for 10 plus minutes and Adelaide was not spared from the manic menagerie that is their signature sound. As heavy as Mastodon, as groove laden as Beastwars and as psychedelic as Floyd, this outfit deserve their name etched on the Stoner Rock pedestal. As the set drew to a close it was not enough for the Sunday night crowd, screaming for the encore which was happily delivered with ‘Enter the Riffian’.

The final ride took everyone in the room to that special place, eyes rolled back, horns in the air and mindlessly head banging to the sleazy groove. The perfect trio of bands for a long weekend Sunday and I know I’m not the only punter glad to have a day to rest my neck. It was a beautiful scene to see so many South Aussies get around local and imported talent, namely thanks to Anthony at Your Mate Bookings who is doing wonders for the heavy scene Australia wide. With so many good local beers and bands to match, Adelaide’s music scene has no option but to grow to rival our East Coast cousins and solidify our reputation.



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