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LIVE REVIEW - Ruby Fields @ The Espy

When it comes to venues across Melbourne, The Espy in Saint Kilda is a special one. With its historical charm, boho quirkiness and beachy modern interiors, it’s the perfect space for a concert. Ruby Fields performed in The Gershwin Room at The Espy on the 30th of May for her Permanent Hermit Tour, and with her came a very excited and very rowdy crowd. Supported by Sydney Rock act, Spike Vincent and New Zealand Punk/Rock band, Miss June, the show its self was intense, edgy and of course, very loud. Attracting a wide crowd with ages ranging anywhere from 18 to the older generation, it was interesting to say the least. Great to see a lot of guys coming out to supported Ruby Fields. They seemed to love every second of it, smashing the drinks along with the artists.

Rock and Punk music are not my go to genres, and yet I was pleasantly surprised, for the most part. Spike Vincent opened the show with only a 20 minute or so set, singinga handful of songs before saying goodbye to the slowly growing audience. Let me say this, it was that crazy energetic drummer in the band made that set. She was on fire, all the energy and stage presence came from her and she really made it visually interesting and enjoyable to watch. Delivered with an aggressive tone, all songs performed where carried through spoken lyric, very casual and conversational. I wish there was more crowd interaction. I felt that there was a gap between the audience and the band and in terms of establishing a connection with its audience, Spike Vincent fell a little short.

Moving on from Spike Vincent, Miss June took the stage and very quickly I released that this was going to be an intense performance. With their early 2000’s rock/punk vibe, Miss June really put on a show. Not only did they sing their lungs out, they drank beer, stripped off and maybe got a little too comfy… Unfortunately the audio levels don't translate the band's intensity properly. You expect crushed lyrics from punk but the crowd were mumbling, “What are the lyrics, I can’t understand what she’s saying...” Overcoming this, they performing newly released single, Best Girl which seemed to be a crowd favourite, with everyone screaming and cheering the band on.

Ruby Fields finally hit the stage and in that time the crowd had got preeeety rowdy. It was almost too chaotic to bear for this sober writer! Those lucky enough to be on the drink were living blissfully in their own world. The rest of the crowd seemed sapped of their energy after the long wait. A strange duality for a rock gig. Fields performed I Want, Climate and Ritalin and the front row crowd loved it. With her quirky story telling and blunt banter, the 21 year old made for an entertaining night.

The night was something else! It had quite a few highs and a couple of lows but you can say for sure that the Ruby Fields fans got what they came for.



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