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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: A Song For Every Feeling- Your Week Of Mood Changes Are Sorted!

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

What a wild week it’s been! If you’re anything like us, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on, let alone keeping track of whether we should be laughing, crying, or both! Thankfully, our favourite Aussie artists have served us up some brand new tracks that just so happen to be filled with attitude, charisma, but most importantly, emotion! From the personal and melancholic, to the loud and proud, this playlist is sure to get you through all the feelings that this next week brings!

Budjerah- ‘What Should I Do?’

In the span of just a few years, Budjerah has been collecting a world of experience and in turn, has been creating some of the most revitalized and well-crafted pop, R&B, and soul-inspired tracks for our modern ears. Clearly, this feat has not stopped in 2022 with his latest single ‘What Should I Do?’ not merely captivating us, but proving why his just announced EP ‘Conversations’ is one of our most anticipated for the year. ‘What Should I Do?’ illustrates Budjerah’s intoxicating performance that radiates not only from his tangible vocals, but his excellence in storytelling. Both the instrumentals and vocals are smooth, with a honey-like drizzle that makes them so irresistible. Soft and echoey, the track is always all-encompassing. Although charming and vulnerable, Budjerah’s vocals are equally powerful, seamlessly transitioning to soaring notes that act as primary vessels for his strong and open storytelling. If ‘What Should I Do?’ is any taste of what is to come, we are sure in for a treat!

"The lyrics for What Should I Do? came really easily. The inspiration came a few weeks earlier - I noticed that my friends weren’t really texting me or calling me; they had sort of pushed me to the side. I was sad because I didn't have any friends, and didn't know what to do. But now it's over: I got some new friends.” says Budjerah

For fans of: Miiesha, George Alice, Hauskey

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Kalopsia- ‘Retrospect’

In her debut single, Kalopsia has invited us into her wonderfully warped world of wonder, and you won't want to leave anytime soon! ‘Retrospect’ does not merely introduce Kalopsia to the scene, but underpins her work (and everything upcoming) as experimental, quirky, and most importantly, true to the artist. Derived from disco and funky pop styles, ‘Retrospect’ gives us a fresh and exciting take on some of the musical styles already taking our ears by storm. Not just another voice in the crowd, ‘Retrospect’ stands out for a multitude of reasons. Primary to that would be the hypnotic chorus that puts the listener into a trance with its layered and warm vocals, not to mention that loveable synth. With one single down and many more to go, Kalopsia is a name you ought to remember!

For fans of: Sycco, WIIGZ, Hallie

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JUNO- ‘All The Kids’

If there’s one thing we can count on JUNO for, it’s to make our days bright and bubbly. True to form, the duo's second single ‘All The Kids’ sees them flourish within their undefined sounds, bouncing between styles and experimenting without limits. From the start, a funky beat lures, and continues to do so with fluctuating bass and beats. ‘All The Kids’ holds an odd and quirky flair, and is one of the primary reasons for this track being so loveable. Many things are toyed with during the duration of the track- whether it be vocal manipulation, the addition of fun sounds, or just some insane instrumental inclusion, it consistently keeps you on your toes awaiting the next style JUNO will seamlessly incorporate into their track. More than anything, ‘All The Kids’ is fun, exciting, and full of energy. When all seems a little too rough, blast some JUNO through your speaker!

For fans of: The Fergies, Hope D, Noah Dillon

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Jerome Blazé- ‘I Don’t Believe You’

Music can be the perfect escapism, especially when you find the right artist. Since 2017, Jerome Blazé has been creating otherworldly anthems, and in turn, learning more about life and music along the way. Fast forward to 2022, Blazé has been dropping some of his most stunning work to date in the form of ‘I Don’t Believe You’. Somber but inviting, this track takes a snapshot of his own life and projects it outward for all to see through this beautiful feat of craftsmanship. Triumphant yet melancholic, ‘I Don’t Believe You’ holds such an intense weight of emotion that it is not afraid to bear upon any listener. Piercing through your soul, the track creates a connective experience that leaves you feeling and thinking. Up there with some of the most skilled songwriters of our time, Blazé intertwines you into his tale, and touches you emotionally with every breath.

For fans of: Hozier, Bon Iver, Spacey Jane

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yergurl- ‘Puppy Dog’

Nothing is taking on the world faster than crazy, non-conforming, and outspoken alt-pop, and yergurl is making sure to dominate the field. ‘PUPPY DOG’ is a ruthless mix of intoxicating beats, hypnotizing vocals, and an overarching feeling of dominance, loathing, and confidence. With emotions so strong they are almost tangible, the track uses its heavy instrumentals and strong vocals as a vessel to strike the listener over and over again. In the best kind of way, this song is intrusive on every level, and is sure to make residence in your mind. With a production style that is near perfect, yergurl takes her spot as one of Australia’s alt-pop big guns. With a range that exceeds so many others, yergurl constantly has us on our toes. For now, ‘PUPPY DOG’ is sure to show you who’s boss.

For fans of: Poppy, Grimes, Kim Petras

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Windwaker- ‘Lucy’

Set to make 2022 their year and shaping up for their upcoming album ‘Love Language’, Windwaker has released yet another stellar single, ‘Lucy’. Throughout every feature of Windwaker’s music, the band manages to embed a genuine sense of emotion and passion into their craft, and ‘Lucy’ is certainly no exception. With a clean vocal performance that is sharp and soaring and screams that are pleading and emotional, the band further proves they are the masters of juxtaposition. Seamlessly transferring between the two styles with intent and reason, Windwaker’s thoughtful composition gives the band an edge– a flair that not merely enhances the listening experience, but emphasizes the voice as a vessel within their music. ‘Lucy’ is passionate in all feats, including some intense riffs and powerful instrumental performance on all parts. Equally bold and vulnerable, Windwaker delivers a truthful, emotional and captivating performance.

For fans of: Diamond Construct, Void Of Vision, Thornhill

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