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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: At Least We Have Fresh Tracks To Cure To Our Boredom

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

We really can't seem to catch a break, and neither can our fluctuating show schedules! Being stuck inside can get monotonous, but as the walls start to seem closer and the Animal Crossing island is no longer a good enough escapism, rest assured there is one more thing to turn to: new music! We’re here to serve up some fresh tunes for your lockdown. They will be sure to shake things up and put some spring back into your step!

Jordan Wilson- ‘Totem’

Drenched in poetic excellence, ‘Totem’ holds an essence of escapism. The gentle and melancholy vocals wrap you up and launch you onto a journey, one directed by the hypnotic riff of the track. With consistency, emotive world-building and a crisp edge, Wilson’s debut single holds an air of perfect professionalism, garnered through his experience in the alt-folk act, Georgia Fair! ‘Totem’ is a breath of clean air, a touch of fresh breeze; a soft yet memorable listen. The track’s creation assisted Jordan in “mitigating the void”- and this the exact energy this song radiates and allows us to absorb!

For fans of: Bill Callahan, Aldous Harding

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LASHES- ‘Heavenly’

LASHES reels us into her second track of the year with an atmospheric and all-encompassing composition, infused with that invigorating electro-pop style. ‘Heavenly’ shows off a feat of emotive storytelling, with LASHES drawing on her own experience to foster an emotionally charged and undeniably meaningful track. Emotive and angelic, the soft vocals surrounded by prominent electronic beats create a partnership that is alluring and comforting- a heavenly mixture for this tune!

For fans of: CHVRCHES, Broods, Porter Robinson

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Alex Moses- ‘Feel So Young’

Fun, uplifting, and energetic. ‘Feel So Young’ holds an unmissable (and infectious) energy that radiates a pure sense of joy into the listener. A track born from the mind of Alex Moses, this artist has faced the many experiences of the music world- both as a solo musician and a part of the band, Columbus. Straying slightly from his well-known punk persona, this track instead turns up the pop melodies and vibrant arrangement. Filled to the brim with sincerity and bursting with a passion to share, ‘Feel So Young’ leaves you feeling warm, fuzzy, and all those feelings in between!

For fans of: Columbus, Bakers Eddy, John Floreani

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Harris- ‘Sunbake Cemetery’

Nostalgia can be a beautiful reminder of the past, but it can also evoke a nauseating arrival of the very real and raw memories of the actions we undertook. ‘Sunbake Cemetery’ delves into Harris’ own past and translates it into an emotive and personal track. Indulging and experimenting with elements of folk, rock, and synth, Harris has created an easy-going but entrancing listen- of course, one that is enhanced by the unique vocals of this much-loved act (often home to Melbourne local band, Fan Girls)! Lathered in an Australian singer-songwriter aesthetic, Harris projects himself into a higher realm; presenting a duality and unique touch that presents something refreshing and addictive. By the way, Harris’ EP ‘OK Kombucha’ comes out on the 7th of July, featuring this almighty track!

For fans of: Ball Park Music, Bombay Bicycle Club, Phoebe Bridgers

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Sophisticated Dingo- ‘Day In The Life’

From the opening riff, this track throws you into a whirlwind of beautifully organised chaos. Tackling the story of the anxiety-inducing crossroads of life, and the more daunting position of stepping onto a new path, ‘Day In The Life’ is an intensely personal and relatable track, but takes an approach masked in optimism and comfort. Channeling their surf-punk roots, this track becomes an anthem to shout from the rooftops, not only with its universality but with its irresistibly contagious energy and uplifting nature! As far as empowering earworms go, this is sure to revitalize the energy within!

For fans of: Press Club, FIDLAR, Tired Lion

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The Dead Love- ‘If You Say So’

Embodying the pop-punk and grunge sound that is not only loved, but is truly fostered in the Australian scene, The Dead Love has hit us with an absolute belter. Their first single of the year, ‘If You Say So’ crashes into you with volume, force, and an addictive, inescapable chorus. Of course, this passion is not just evident musically but is embedded into the track within its animated discussion of our current environment; more specifically, the repetitive conversations upon a constantly shifting matter. Enriched with the band’s lively spirit, this track is destined to leave you feeling alive- well, at least for the two-and-a-half minutes of headbanging it induces!

For fans of: Dear Seattle, Basement, Violent Soho

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