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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: Deep Cuts and Hard Hitting Anthems From The Month That Was

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

August has provided us with an assortment of auditory wonders! From anthemic choruses to meaningful verses, these tracks are stellar examples of storytelling, and more so, a stunning display of craftsmanship. Whether rap or old-school rock is your vibe, there is something in this selection for everyone! Tune in to our recent favorites- you’re sure to find your next one here too!

Big Dinner- ‘Four Leaf Clover’

Big Dinner serves up a feast in their latest single ‘Four Leaf Clover’, using a spark of COVID creativity to craft a delectable tune that has kept us running back for seconds. Big Dinner’s raspy and passionate vocals are at the forefront of this track and subsequently act as a soothing and mesmerizing tool. There’s a refreshing air that lingers from these vocals- a slight quirk that is loveable and approachable. The tinkering guitars are a warm and whimsical invitation into this charming anthem of hope; an invitation that delves further than anticipated through its soulful, immersive, and all-encompassing soundscape. Echoey and ethereal, it is this carefully constructed instrumental performance that truly grants ‘Four Leaf Clover’ such an alluring structure. Of course, any song is made better with a little extra flair! This time, the band equipped the help of Joel Aspinall on the saxophone to place the cherry on top of an already overwhelmingly enticing track.

For fans of: Highline, Passionfruit, Ocean Alley

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Stellie- ‘Violet Girl’

From the first intrusive rumbles, you know that Stellie is in command. Through a beautiful exploration of the sounds of dark pop, ‘Violet Girl’ flourishes in its own demanding and intense identity and with it, tells a story of pleading love. Stellie’s enchanting vocals offer a fluctuating performance that follows the tribulations of this tale of desire. From a sense of deep and dark necessity to light and delicate expressions, her enriching voice is a perfect vessel for her captivating storytelling. With soaring synths and an undeniably crunchy soundscape, Stellie lets all the elements of her track speak their own truths, creating a song that is not just instrumentally diverse but is authentic and haunting. ‘Violet Girl’ is an echoing and inescapable chamber of sound and feeling that permeates through the listener to create the perfect soundtrack for brooding, longing, and every experience in between.

For fans of: Jess Day, D’Arcy Spiller, Greta Stanley

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Andy Martin- ‘Reverie’

With the warmest of welcomes, Andy Martin ushers you into his mind and soul through every songwriting feat. This is certainly evident on his debut album Reverie, and even more so on the title track! Fostering a home for his experiences and life lessons within his art, the result sees truly authentic craftsmanship and a quirky sense of identity brought to the table. ‘Reverie’ opens and lingers with a contagious beat that will immediately have you hooked. But the real star of the show is Martin’s unique vocals- a distinctive, emotive, and captivating vessel for this day-dreamy anthem. It is this vocal performance, partnered with present but not overpowering instrumentals, that make this track such an easy listen. ‘Reverie’ is conversing with a friend, reacting to the world around you, and more so, a tale of familiarity and connection. Above all else, Andy Martin is a conversationalist and storyteller.

For fans of: Ball Park Music, Coldplay, Tyne-James Organ

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WAAX- ‘No Doz’

Where would we be without WAAX? Their latest album ‘At Least I’m Free’ certainly shows us that we’d be without some of their finest work yet. In particular, track four introduces us to one of the band’s newest singles ‘No Doz’! This track immediately captures with its fast-paced and hard-hitting whirlwind of sounds that tackle all the senses. Equipped with Maz’s captivating vocal performance alongside a shifting musical soundscape, the track excites with every beat. Culminating to its anthemic chorus, WAAX have proven to be masters of attention, ceasing to fumble any moment of excitement in this crazy track. In this slurry of sound, perhaps ‘No Doz’ and the entirety of the new album displays WAAX at their most authentic and vulnerable self. Inherently energetic and reckless, the passion is found within the core of this track- an anthem of change and letting go. Abandoning all expectations and assumptions, ‘No Doz’ is a loveable navigation through the personality and growth of one of Australia’s most exciting, evolving, and eager bands.

For fans of: Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Dear Seattle, Tired Lion

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JK-47- ‘ At One (reVision)’

With the first haunting flute chiming through your speaker, JK-47’s latest single, ‘At One (reVision)' stuns you in a moment of stillness. This moment of anticipation evolves into awe when the track is slashed with the utterances of the Bundjalung rapper. With his redefining flair, JK-47 effortlessly flows through a tale of persistence, struggle, and an authentic take on challenging adversity. This voice goes beyond a recital of lyrics, but a true performance of pain, power, and the many facets that linger in between. A cinematic feeling lingers in the track’s beat, conjured up through the continuing whistle of the flute, to the grand yet non-intrusive strings. Simply put, the track is yet another awe-inspiring feat from one of Australia's most captivating storytellers. No word nor statement goes astray and is embedded with a sense of meaning. ‘At One (reVision)’ is simply a must-listen.

For fans of: Briggs, Birdz, Kobie Dee

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Wicked Things- ‘Stand Up And Shout’

The Wicked Things charm is one that should evade no one, and is one that consistently shines through their soulful and authentic take on the glamorous (and not so glamorous) life of rock and roll. Their latest single, ‘Stand Up and Shout’ proves no different. This riff-driven onslaught of pure nostalgia fosters an undeniable groove and inescapable danceability that is sure to get you off your feet. The lively verses are spiced with frontman Kaleb’s enchanting and commanding vocals, steering you through to the track’s anthemic belter of a chorus. Sure to get stuck in your head, the track balances skillful vocal prowess with an intense instrumental response. Like always, Wicked Things' instrumental performance truly takes the stage. Far beyond simply being a tool for their music, each bass, guitar, and drum shines as its own voice. This musical prominence remains one of the reasons the band creates such unique and passionate singles time after time.

For fans of: Koda, The Crookeds, FANGZ

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