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Livewire AU's Six-Pack: Get Through The Mid-Year Chaos With These Ear-worms

Updated: May 25, 2022

As we near the mid-year chaos of overdue tasks and belated social events there’s only one thing to get us through May's mayhem. New music. This week we are bringing you an eclectic concoction of belters to get you through to the finish line, feeling stronger than you were before. Queue the first track...

SAMMM. – ‘Stronger Now’

A familiar face in the Meanjin music community, boisterous indie-rocker SAMMM. released his latest jaunty single ‘Stronger Now’ late last week. Basking in sincerity, wasted youth and time not borrowed, the track see’s SAMMM. put his talent for sonic storytelling on full display as he speaks on addiction, inner demons and social fallouts. Jangly guitar tones, synth tinkles and gripping vocals dominate the track, playing a strong contrast against the reality-wrenching realness of the lyricism - in true SAMMM. style. This track will give you prosperity as you shriek along to till your voice is hoarse.

For fans of: Real Estate, The War On Drugs,

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Ball Park Music – ‘Manny’

Everyone's favourite band, Ball Park Music, are back with another belter ahead of their upcoming album 'Weirder & Weirder' due next month. 'Manny' is tinged with chugging guitars, brash drum inklings and psychedelic undertones as the five-piece explore an all-new soundscape. The track is a fuzzy ode to putting your phone down and getting outside for some much needed fresh air, making it the perfect soundtrack for some overdue mid-year relaxation.

For fans of: The Jungle Giants, San Sisco, Spacey Jane

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Wiigz – ‘Bitch Shit’

Get ready to get your red, hot "girl-boss" pants on with the new electrifying track from Meanjin darlings, Wiigz. Since debuting in early 2021, the city has been moving to their beat with the duo's unique and genre-bending concoction of disco, pop, funk and neo-soul. 'Bitch Shit' is another outstanding release for the girls as they pump out banger after banger and show fans that Wiigz isn't just music - it's an experience. 'Bitch Shit' boasts a glamorous take-no-shit energy and nothing less. A song for the girls, gays and theys with a simple message... Get your bitch shit on or get out.

For fans of: Dizzy Days, Confidence Man, Dua Lipa

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Mallrat – Butterfly Blue

Next up is the title track off Mallrat's latest album, 'Butterfly Blue'. One sure to tug at your heartstrings and have you feeling all sorts of things, the track is gentle and raw in it's delivery as Grace puts her new-found vocal confidence on full display. Filled with soft harmonies, gorgeous lyricism and a multiplex of emotion the track is a buoyant and atmospheric lullaby. Slick, silky and smooth, 'Butterfly Blue' is the product of years of metamorphising her music, honing her craft and coming out of her adolescence chrysalis - quite frankly it's beautiful. So, if there's one thing you today, listen to 'Butterfly Blue'

For fans of: BENEE, Remi Wolf, THE BLSSM

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Lashes – ‘I Can See The End’

Lashes churns out another emotional electro-pop anthem sure to get you dancing around your bedroom with a good bottle of wine. Vivaciously passionate in it's delivery, 'I Can See The End' dives in and out of crisp and atmospheric production, bold soundscapes and an all-round poppy persona - true to Lashes style. Her sweet and silky sonic offerings and poised lyricism dominate the track in contrast to a Lakeland feature in the second half of the song, it proved to be a sonic match made in heaven. So do yourself a favour and listen to this super-sonic ear-worm of a track today.

For fans of: Halsey, CHVRCHES, Broods

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Spider-Bait – 'My Car's A UFO'

That’s right, Spider-Bait. After nearly a decade of radio silence the legendary band are back with a full-length album and a completely new sound. The lead single 'My Car's A UFO' comes off the 'Sounds In The Keys Of J' record which celebrates songs led by bassist and vocalist Janet English. A cut from the archive, the track was re-discovered by drummer Kram when he stumbled upon a CD of lost mixes from their sessions for 2001's 'The Flight of Wally Funk'. 'My Car's A UFO' shows a different side to Spider-Bait, a jangly, raucous, surf-punk vibe that the band says the grew up with. It's Spider-Bait at their rawest.

For fans of: Grinspoon, Regurgitator, Powderfinger

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