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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: High Energy and High Escapism- These Tracks Are Set To Take You Elsewhere

Things are starting to look up, and the brightness is poking through (just a little)! But, if you can’t already see the sunshine, we have put together a bunch of the freshest tracks to speed up the process! This week’s six-pack features high-energy anthems that are sure to get you moving, feeling something, or give you another world to escape to! Whether it’s an energetic, chaotic anthem, or a mysterious worldbuilding experience, there is sure to be a track in here that suits you! So sit back, soak up the sun, and take a look at the freshest Australian talent!

Sophisticated Dingo- ‘Wasted’

Abandoning all things ‘sophisticated’ in their name, ‘Wasted’ sees the band go wild for this truthful and high-energy track. Following up their stellar tune, ‘Day In The Life’, Sophisticated Dingo had some big shoes to fill, but from the initial seconds of this track, it’s clear they understood the task at hand. Overflowing with energy and laced with an infectious vibrancy, the band uses this sparkling backdrop to juxtapose the monotonous and draining life of lockdown. A journey of dwindling hope, ‘Wasted’ captures the moments between short freedoms to the necessary endurance through the unknown. Telling a tale all too familiar, Sophisticated Dingo presents this universal horror story, turning it into an exciting, fun, and chaotic listening experience that, ironically, is sure to take your worries away for a moment! Infectious and captivating, ‘Wasted’ is sure to be locking down your repeat button.

For fans of: Concrete Surfers, Sly Withers, Bakers Eddy

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Alex Lahey- ‘Spike The Punch’

‘Spike The Punch’ sees Alex Lahey duck and weave between melodic verses and punchy choruses, intertwining her poppy traits with pop-punk flair. As the song goes on, so too does the energy build, culminating in a celebration of sound towards the end that is impactful and infectious. ‘Spike The Punch’ celebrates the fun that can be had with spontaneity and reckless abandon, and in turn, has become a representation of exactly that with its powerful guitar melodies and chaotic composition. True to Lahey’s craftsmanship, ‘Spike The Punch’ is an embodiment of the moment, becoming an experience for any listener on the other end!

“It’s big, it’s loud, it’s fun, it’s its own beast!”

For fans of: Middle Kids, Alex The Astronaut, Ruby Fields

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Hazel Mei- Golden Chains

In her latest release, ‘Golden Chains’ sees Hazel Mei assert her otherworldly talent into a showstopping four-minute track, sure to keep your attention locked up for some time. Mei’s vocals are flowy and perfectly executed, adding to this already smooth and dark track, layering the composition with sophisticated touches waiting to be discovered throughout the listen. As the song moves along, we are met with a dramatic build-up that is only enriched by haunting background guitars, creating a sense of depth and inescapable urgency. ‘Golden Chains’ does not merely create a dreamlike soundscape, but creates a haunting world that is all-encompassing and surrounds you for the entirety of the song, and beyond. Dark, dramatic, and dire, ‘Golden Chains’ is an impressive release from rising star, Hazel Mei!

For fans of: Asha Jefferies, Hope D, Tia Gostelow

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Montaigne- ‘Now (In Space)’

Eccentric, energetic, and electric, Montaigne has become a household name within the Australian music industry and beyond. With an overflowing passion for the cause and an unmatched persona, her tracks are nothing short of living, breathing creations. Her latest single, ‘Now (In Space)’ proves no different, oozing with funk, groove, and infectiousness! The true standout feature of this amazing track is the powerful and demanding chorus. Catchy, emotive, and energetic, it’s hard for this section not to get stuck in your head! Putting Montaigne’s vocals to the forefront, this song yet again shows off her ability as a performer and as a storyteller, with her vocals being submerged in emotion and a dire feeling- creating a shared experience beyond the track. Making emotional connections one lyric at a time, ‘Now (In Space)’ will have you drenched in all the feels!

For fans of: E^ST, Middle Kids, Meg Mac

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Coterie- ‘Good Morning’

Coterie has certainly made this a good week, with the release of their latest single, ‘Good Morning’. Sometimes all you need is escapism, and this is exactly what the band has offered up! In their dreamy indie-pop soundscape, warm melodies and soft instrumentation blur the trials of reality, and for a moment, create a world beyond. Only enhanced by the angelic and charming vocals of Tyler Fisher, the track is the embodiment of comfort, calm, and collectedness. Like a soft hand on the shoulder, ‘Good Morning’ slowly ushers you away into a world of their own, and presents a delicate and touching picture of what could be.

“The concept behind ‘Good Morning’ is pretty simple - when it feels like the whole world is falling apart, we’re gonna smile through it all.”

For fans of: Ocean Alley, The Dreggs, Dear Sunday

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Alice Ivy- ‘Weakness’ (featuring Sycco)

Alice Ivy is no stranger to a collaboration, fostering an unmatched homeliness within her musical projects. ‘Weakness’, much like her other tracks, is so much more than a collaboration, but is a project that nurtures the two artist’s impressive talents and individual strengths. Soaring with gliding synths, perfectly balanced psychedelic indie-pop and moving electronica moments, not to mention a showstopping vocal performance, ‘Weakness’ jumps from strength to strength as every second goes by. This upbeat, vibrant anthem is certainly a track to watch for those end-of-year lists!

“This song is the beginning of a new chapter for me. I've grown so much as a producer since the release of "Don't Sleep" last year, I'm exploring new sounds through lots of analogue hardware and also touching back to what got me excited about producing in the first place a soul, Motown and psychedelic influenced sonic universe. This is the beginning of a bigger journey" explains Alice Ivy

For fans of: Cub Sport, Mallrat, Jack River

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