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Livewire AU's Six-Pack: Pre-Winter Warmers To Keep You Snug

After a week of freezing our ears off from the "antarctic blast", being blown off our feet from hurricane worthy winds and topping it off with an earthquake? In Meanjin? 2.9 magnitude apparently. It's fair to say us locals have had a week. That's why we are bringing you some sumptuous pre-winter warmers to keep you toasty warm during this fresh week.

Felivand - 'Not My Way'

What better way to soundtrack a chilly day spent sporting a fluffy blanket and an extra hot latte than with the lustrous honey-licked vocals from Meanjin's local neo-songstress, Felivand. A taste from her upcoming debut album, 'Not My Way' shows listeners a gloomier, more somber and deep-toned side to her sound and we are absolutely here for it. Tackling the art of forgiveness and letting go, the track sticks true to Felivand's glossy poetic delivery, adroit lyricism and textured production, pulsed forward by a thudding and catchy melody. Keep your eye out for her debut album 'Ties' out August 5th and do yourself a favour - go to a Felivand show. But be prepared to be entranced in the magical neo-soul world that she resides in.

For fans of - Hiatus Kayote, Solange, WET

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SUPATHICK - 'Love Back'

SUPATHICK have stepped back into the spotlight with a vibrant, disco-licked new track titled 'Love Back'. Serving a larger than life explosion of 70's funk, the track basks in a toe-tappable and textured beat, swirling synth sonics, plump basslines and some ever-so lush vocal layers. Inviting listeners further into the groups dazzling world of bright soul and playful neo-funk, SUPATHICK are quickly becoming a staple amongst the nations listeners and it's not hard to see why. But if you're of the latter, don't fret - 'Love Back' is here to wrap you up and hold in it's embrace as you soar through SUPATHICK's disco-dipped dreamscape.

For fans of: First Beige, Pink Matter, Hiatus Kaiyote


Sunbather - 'No Charm'

If you're looking for a whimsical escape that's sure to make your mind melt, then look no further than Sunbather's newest track 'No Charm'. A bright, poppy, sun-kissed dream-pop hit, 'No Charm' marks another beautiful release from the Naarm duo ahead of their next EP 'Simmer' due early July. With lush-layers, heavenly vocals and some tasteful production the track, along with Sunbather's entire discography, will surround and scoop you up into their mystical and sweet-soaked world.

For fans of - Yumi Zouma, Middle Kids, Beach House

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Lara Andallo - 'Head To Toe'

Lara Andallo has made a jubilant return with a new R&B anthem titled 'Head To Toe'. The track marks the first release from the rising star after two years spent self-reflecting, sonically experimenting and honing her craft. The end result, an ultra glamorous new chapter oozing with confidence, vulnerability and a newfound soundscape - Andalla knows exactly who she wants to be and how to get there. Accompanied by a captivating y2k-esque music video, 'Head To Toe' see's the Sydney-artist put her genre-bending sound on full display. While confirming her allegiance to classic R&B, the track dips into a multitude of soundscapes from pop and electronica to incorporating hip hop and trap into the mix - not to mention some crisp production tones. But don't just take our word for it, stream 'Head to Toe' now!

For fans of - Kota Banks, Doja Cat,

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The Melancholic - 'Stop Right There'

The Melancholic might be Meanjin's newest kids on the block but they are no strangers to producing a ferocious, mosh-ready anthem. 'Stop Right There' is a colossal display of Brisbane punk-rock at it's finest - thrashy guitar tones, pillaging hooks, rowdy vocals and, of course, some mouth-watering breakdowns to get your head banging. After releasing their debut track in early 2021, the trio have made a fierce introduction into the local scene and it looks like they're here to stay. Take a bite at their new track now!

For fans of - Semantics, DZ Deathrays,

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Cousin Tony - 'Bluestone'

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird are back with an all new and fuzzy Americana twang of a song titled 'Bluestone'. An ode to the feeling of euphoria that comes when you conquer a period of grief, the blends a unique concoction of fingerpicked guitars, airy harmonies, a soaring horn fanfare and bluesy-songwriter-esque delivery - standing apart from anything else in their current soundscape. Perhaps they're turning a new page upon the release of their third studio album, or maybe it's just Cousin Tony being Cousin Tony. You never know what to expect and that's the beauty of this eclectic Aussie band.

For fans of - Gang Of Youths, Jack Johnson,

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