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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: Punchy Beats and Collaborative Feats

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

As another week approaches, so too do the new releases! This week has seen a flurry of exciting new music reach our ears, blessing us with the refreshing sounds of today through many genres and formats. In particular, this six pack features some of the punchy releases- telling stories through eccentric ways and using instruments as a vessel. So too, the collaborations of this week have been out of this world, and continue to reflect the diverse artistry of Australia’s music realm. Take a look at these tracks… what else could be better?

Hope D- ‘Emerald’

Hope D’s latest single is an impossible test of danceability and groove- it’s a surefire loss if you think you won't be dancing to this! ‘Emerald’ glistens in its fast tempo, particularly driven by an almost folky guitar that surrounds the track. We see a new side to Hope D’s artistry within this track with the inclusion of fast-paced and almost spoken verses- a fresh take on the usual structure. Constructed with thought, the presentation of this track holds many fun additions that are inherently inquisitive and conversational in tone. ‘Emerald’ is a stunning take on alternative pop that excels with authenticity and a unique, loveable Hope D touch. Audibly, the track is a clear feat of storytelling and sees the Brisbane powerhouse open up even more than usual.

The song is called 'Emerald' because it is a reflection of my partner at the time's name and eye colour. Extremely grateful for everything that occurred at that time, because it taught me to be myself for the long run, even though that is a very generic takeaway. But it is what it is.” says Hope D

For fans of: Teenage Joans, The Buoys, George Alice

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Lounge- ‘I Liked Her’

If you're in need of a new pick-me-up track, look no further than Lounge’s release of ‘I Liked Her’. Vibrant and punchy from the initial seconds, the track not merely hooks you, but refuses to let your attention go with its ever-evolving, irresistible soundscape. What is particularly special about this track is the energy that rages through every element of the band itself. Vocals and instrumentals alike, the features join forces to create feelings of fun, inclusion, and excitement that permeate into the audience and beyond. An intertwinement of sharp guitars, pop-punk beats, and power-pop vocals, Lounge is the lovechild of all the enticing elements of the genres it has grown from, becoming a dynamic (and irresistible) new treat for audiences.

For fans of: Vampire Weekend, Grouplove, The Wombats

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Golden Vessel- ‘so far’ (featuring FELIVAND)

Golden Vessel’s latest album release ‘everythingeverydayeverything’ is a show-stopping display of artistry and skill from the unique Brisbane artist. Moreover, the body of work is a display of Golden Vessel’s collaborative skills, his ability to enhance the sounds around him, and work together to create alluring and eccentric new styles with some of our most loved artists. The latest single ‘So Far’ with FELIVAND proves no exception, creating an awe-inspiring soundscape of gigantic proportions. A haunting synth pours into FELIVAND’s already dark and brooding vocals, creating an eerie but heartfelt tension within the track. In a beautiful partnership, the two delicate vocals compliment each other with ease, floating upon a smooth and entrancing beat to create not merely an easy listen, but a track that is transportive and atmospheric. It is truly difficult not to get lost in the unknown realms of ‘so far’.

For fans of: Crooked Colours, Running Touch, Kidswaste

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Trace Decay- ‘Radicalize’ (featuring Lucille Two)

Trace Decay’s latest single, ‘Radicalize’ is a soul-crushing story wrapped up into a beautifully consumable package that leaves a warmth on all who listen- sharing a story of doubt through a more than confident presentation. The guest vocals of Lucille Two are delicate and soothing, gliding upon the pronounced yet breathable beats of ‘Radicalize’. More importantly, they perfectly complement the vocals of Trace Decay- a performance that is always smooth like honey and more than addictive. The track is soft in its approach and embodies a calm and sophisticated approach to the mind of the listener. To put it simply, it is just such a nice listen. Delving into the mind of Trace Decay, “Radicalize’ is about the crippling self-doubt and existential fear that sets in when trying to uphold how people perceive you as both an artist and human being”. Therefore, the track becomes an even stronger display of the power delivery holds in sharing a message.

For fans of: The Jungle Giants, The Go-Betweens, Tiny Little Houses

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Verticoli- ‘True Love’

The newest release from Verticoli is an invigorating anthem that not merely displays the band’s wealth of knowledge surrounding the punk and alt-rock scene, but proves the band is still learning to create new and challenging anthems. ‘True Love’ is an attention grabber, with swarming guitar that echoes through both the song and the mind. So too, raging drums soar, creating a solid foundation for the track. Both musically and lyrically, the years of experience radiate from the band, making heartfelt choices that in turn, make ‘True Love’ an emotionally charged ode to the power of song. Verticoli’s vocals are as capturing as ever, alluring with their unique flair that puts passion, longing, and an emotive display at the forefront.

For fans of: Violent Soho, Luca Brasi, Regurgitator

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Dear Seattle- ‘Here To Stay’

Australia’s favourite indie-rock legends, Dear Seattle, are back and this time, they are definitely ‘Here To Stay’. The track is melancholic and cathartic all at once, forcing a whirlwind of strong emotions to circle it. This feeling is amplified by the rising guitar and deep drums that are so easy to get lost in. This brings the track to the irreplaceable vocals of Brae Fisher- a performance that consistently packs a sucker punch with his effortlessly emotive and capturing essence. The song is quite simply an image of the band’s soul; a heart-on-sleeve anthem that sees them at their most vulnerable. Dear Seattle has mastered the creation and sustainment of a genuine connection with their audiences, and with each release, continues to prove why they are inarguably one of Australia’s best musical storytellers.

For fans of: Sly Withers, Slowly Slowly, Trophy Eyes

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