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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: Sharing Stories and Uncovering Artistry

Nothing is more powerful than music! This week’s six pack focuses on the freshest hits that see musicians come into their own, solidify their own artistry, or use their music to tell the stories that mean the most to them! Whether it be a melancholic track about the multifaceted nature of feelings or a feat of raw aggression fighting for love, these tracks are all significant in their own right. In these performances of growing and solidified artistry, you are sure to find a story worth listening to!

CXLOE- ‘New Trick’

They say the third time's a charm, but CXLOE’s string of latest singles have been blowing us away, one by one. Her most recent is no exception. ‘New Trick’ is an unapologetic anthem for self-love and self-confidence, perfectly embodying its message by putting forward some of CXLOE’s most self-assured work to date. An amalgamation of pop sensibilities, refined electronic beats, and unexpected alternative roots, ‘New Trick’ puts forward a refreshing and unpredictable sound that has a twist at every corner, but most importantly, something to love and discover at every beat. In beautiful contrast, CXLOE creates dark and imposing verses that follow layered and vibrant choruses, seamlessly flowing between each to create tensions with ease. ‘New Trick’ conjures up a special kind of feeling, especially laced with newfound confidence and determination from this stellar artist.

“‘New Trick’ is all about newfound, unapologetic confidence. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves in situations where we are suppressing feelings and hiding oneself in fear of being persecuted. The song talks about finally letting go of that fear and embracing confidence and individuality. Often, this brave trait doesn't come naturally to most people, so when it does, it only feels best to describe it as a 'New Trick'”.

For fans of: Broods, Robinson, Wafia

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Cyrus- ‘A380’

After a prolonged break from music, Cyrus has returned from the path of self-discovery with his latest project, ‘had, lost’. Charting the course of a relationship, the EP takes you through the moments of infatuation, to the heartache of an impending breakdown. The opening track from this body of work, ‘A380’, is a celebration of love; a complete moment of hopeless romance, adoring one another and falling in love. Captured beautifully by soaring vocals, and accompanying auto-tuned vocals that reach even higher planes, the track floats effortlessly upon a cloud of feeling and being. With soft beats, the song introduces an almost melancholic sense of longing, never shifting focus from the emotions at the heart of the track. Topped off with an immersive chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head, ‘A380’ is the perfect anthem to cushion you as you fall head over heels!

“I’m just so much more self-aware now both personally and creatively. Previously, I was thrown into the deep end, and a lot happened quicker than I realised. I just sat in the passenger seat, whereas now everything I do is deliberate and much more thought out".

For fans of: MAY-A, Hauskey, Thomas Porter

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Max Leone- ‘Repeat Caller’

Following his hard-hitting debut EP, Max Leone has shown no signs of slowing down with his latest release, ‘Repeat Caller’. Carving his way as an unstoppable force with his unique approach to alternative pop, Leone constructs songs that stand out, capturing your attention in the ever-growing music realm. ‘Repeat Caller’ takes the listener through an immersive experience, with all-encompassing beats that fill your senses. It is Max’s homely yet unique vocals that truly draw you in, with the slight, beautiful strain conveying an unmistakable essence of emotion and vulnerability with each chorus. Fluctuating between a vibrant chorus and emotive undertones, Leone consistently finds somewhere to shine. Quite simply, the track is charismatic- filled with all the qualities of the artist, making for a unique and unheard listening experience. ‘Repeat Caller’ is bound to wear out your repeat button soon enough!

“Repeat Caller’ is about spending time with someone and not really caring about what happens in the future, just living in the moment and having fun. It’s something I need to remind myself to do a lot, so I put it in a song!”

For fans of: renforshort, Ben Kessler, remy

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Stand Atlantic- ‘molotov [OK]’

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that you’ll never know what Stand Atlantic will hit you with next... but you just know it will blow you away. Their latest single, ‘molotov [OK]’ sees the band spiral into a world of all things heavy and subsequently end up with an outpouring of pure emotion. Raw, aggressive, and hard, the band pulled out all the stops for this awe-inspiring two minutes of angst and feeling. Bonnie’s unmatched emotive vocals often float between a beautiful fragility to raw outbursts of passion; but with this track, we get her hard-hitting vocals pushed to the forefront, and for an excellent cause. Fuelled with a genuine passion from personal experience; “when a pastor says ‘all gays will burn in hell’ during an assembly, you’re gonna remember it, and you’re gonna write a song about it”, ‘molotov’ comes as so much more than a heavy-hitter for the band, but a passionate feat of unapologetic Stand Atlantic. Fast drum beats take us through the chant-like verses, making for an encapsulating and inescapable experience. Energetic and full of hype, ‘molotov’ was certainly belter we were not expecting but is the anthem we absolutely needed.

For fans of: Yours Truly, Between You & Me, Waterparks

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It’s Acrylic- ‘We Ate Like Kings’

There’s a new definition of melancholic, dance-while-you-cry, equally heartwarming and heart-crushing music… and it’s It’s Acrylic. Effortlessly emotive, their words glide across the track with ease, yet they hold an impressive weight of vulnerability and sentiment. In ‘We Ate Like Kings’, mesmerising beats take you away, allowing you to float upon the ethereal and light sounds in the track. The delicate and vulnerable moments in the song are heightened by the smooth and honey-like vocals of the band, stating their cause with conviction and ease. ‘We Ate Like Kings’ is a track consistently rising; building power, confidence, and a sense of identity, all of which culminates into a layered and hypnotizing finale that is both powerful and cathartic. Leaving you equally destroyed and empowered, it’s safe to say It’s Acrylic have left their mark- a mark that is sure to get bigger with future releases.

For fans of: Gang of Youths, Nothing But Thieves, The Wombats

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Kaitlin Keegan- ‘Separate’

Utterly charming, Kaitlin Keegan’s latest release, ‘Separate’ is a redefining showstopper, seeing the Melbourne artist foster her artistry in new and inspiring ways. However, there is always one thing that is true to all of Keegan’s releases, that being her warm and smooth vocals that are not merely a vessel for storytelling, but truly captivate the audience at hand. ‘Separate’ amplifies her already captivating features with an all-encompassing beat, surrounding you at every listen. Through melodic undertones, the track delves into a discussion of simplicity and restraint- navigating between feelings and the far away. True to her singer-songwriter style, Kaitlin has created a track that is warm, comforting, and homely.

"'Separate’ is about living apart from someone you love. It follows a couple navigating a long-distance relationship and trying to work out if it’s truly worth doing. It's something a lot of people have had to go through over the last 2 years. Living far away from a partner or loved one is super difficult, so we wanted to explore that.”

For fans of: Supathick, Gretta Ray, Stella Donnelly

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