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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Another Big Week Of Local Releases

For those revelling in their time off over Easter, why not spend your down-time checking out some new music? For those working through the holidays, this Six Pack is sure to help you power through.

Asha Jefferies - 'Crybaby'

Brisbane singer-songwriter Asha Jefferies has unveiled her new single ‘Crybaby’ with the announcement of a headline national tour in May. This reflective track explores the death and rebirth of a relationship with beautiful story-telling. Jefferies shared, “’Crybaby' is about the reignition of my own inner fire and learning how to not hold myself back”. This track combines infectious pop melodies with acoustic folk to sweep you up in a whirl of melancholy and romance. Asha Jefferies takes us on a journey through her self growth to turn a brand new page. Be sure to grab tickets to her May tour before tickets sell out!

Something is telling me the old life is dying/

We're driving away/

But we don’t light up the same anymore/

I'm head over heels for my life again/

You're head over heels for the wrong reasons

For Fans Of: Angel Olsen, Tia Gostelow, Hallie

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Tom Myers - 'On My Head'

Sydney artist Tom Myers has been busy piecing together his new single ‘On My Head’. With pounding percussion and fuzzy guitars, this track does not take its foot off the gas. ‘On My Head’ unfolds with driving sonic energy and undeniable momentum as Myers spirals into disillusionment. Tom Myers has called upon some traumatic experiences to purge feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety. If you like what you hear, stay tuned for Tom Myers' upcoming EP!

Having trouble in your sleep/

‘Cause it's on my head and I won't let it happen it again

For Fans Of: Noah Dillon, Deftones, Silver Chair

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Gap Year - 'So Sad To See'

‘So Sad To See’ is Gap Year’s third release since their debut in November 2020. The Perth band draw inspiration from the modern warmth of The War On Drugs and sonic nostalgia of The Church. ‘So Sad To See’ flaunts airy guitar riffs, 80’s synths and unique drum patterns. Soaked in sunshine, this track explores the unfortunate aftermath when things are no longer the same with someone you cared for. Once again, Perth proves itself to be a driving force in our nation's music scene —constantly unveiling unique talents.

So fundamentally unstable, but I'm the same/

We disagree, can't even be in the same room/

Yeah, ain't it sad

For Fans Of: The War On Drugs, Real Estate, The Church

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MF Tomlinson - 'A Long Day'

At the end of a long day, MF Tomlinson’s new track is exactly what we’re craving. ‘A Long Day’ is a preview of what’s to come on MF Tomlinson’s debut album Strange Time (coming out April 9th). This Brisbane-born artist is making a name for himself in London with his unique instrumental arrangements and diverse tapestry of influences. Without a distinct chorus, 'A Long Day' takes us through the flow of a normal day whilst highlighting the beauty we encounter along the way. Gentle flute dances alongside guitar plucking, trumpets, mandolins and drums in this calming track. Tomlinson shared, “It essentially deals with the big and the small things that exist in our everyday mundane experiences – no matter how significant or insignificant they might appear at the time – how it all feeds into our concept of memory and the idea of ‘living in the moment’.”

At the end of a long list/

Begins another list/

And all the things you said you was gonna do/

Just keep on catching up to you/

And getting in the way of that one thing you really want, want to do

For Fans Of: Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks, Smoke Screens, Noah Dillon

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SLIM JIMZ - 'Better Off'

After hanging onto this track whilst they tweaked it to perfection, Sydney band SLIM JIMZ are back with their new single ‘Better Off’. This track is fast-paced and high-energy whilst keeping its groove and psychedelic rock influence. With soaring electric guitar and powerhouse vocals, this track deserves to be played to packed-out venues ASAP. The band shared, “The lyrics for the song were written during a time of reflection after a break up where you are realising that you made the right decision to get out of the relationship and you are ‘better off’ without that person.”

You find me in the dark, where I belong these days/

Don’t wanna raise the bar 'til I can see the end/

You don’t let down your guard, I'll follow you again/

You’ve always worn your scars, why don’t you show me them?

For Fans Of: Rum Jungle, Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley

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Teenage Joans - 'Ice Cream'

The unstoppable Adelaide duo Teenage Joans have dropped their new track ‘Ice Cream’ with the announcement of their debut EP Taste Of Me (coming out May 28th). This track is for when you feel like you’re lagging behind everyone else in the game of life, despite your best efforts. Cahli Borg and Tahlia Blakers shared, "We wanted people screaming along to wanting to feel better, like a toddler screams about wanting their ice cream. One of our favourite things to do in our songs is juxtaposing serious topics using childlike metaphors to get the point across in a different way." This cathartic track is delivered with unshakeable confidence and unapologetic energy. The Teenage Joans will be opening for Bugs on their 'Diamond Tour' next month. We're cheering this duo on every step of the way as they gear up for their next big career move.

I've got this little thing in my brain/

A devil giving me a migraine/

At the bottom of the food chain/

Is it time for me to get a new name?

For Fans Of: Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Bugs, Ruby Fields

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