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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Defrost Your Ears With These Fresh And Fiery Tunes!

It's safe to say we’re all starting to feel the cold. The days are getting dreary and our blankets are becoming more and more irresistible. Luckily, we’ve gathered six hot tunes, sure to leave you feeling warm, feeling good, of course, feeling like you're supporting the local Aussie scene!

Platonic Sex- ‘Teeth’

Extracted from the band’s debut double-single, ‘Teeth’ asserts Platonic Sex as a band to watch. Eccentric yet comforting, this band fosters an unmatched energy and freedom of expression that culminates in a raw and emotive display of truth and storytelling. The passionate and intense vocals of the band are intertwined with an instrumental performance laced in the grunge identity, creating a showstopping pairing of solemn emotional storytelling and creative prowess. The incredible vocal range of vocalist Bridget Brandolini really ignites the fire within!

For fans of: Angie McMahon, beabadoobee, The Breeders

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FANGZ- ‘Prove Me Wrong’

In your face and intrusively passionate, FANGZ are never subtle- and we wouldn't have it any other way. The enormous chorus of this track is sure to get stuck in your head! I mean, go ahead, listen and try to prove me wrong. What is particularly prominent in this track is its essential discussion of the modern racism fight, leading to a track that is important and necessary in the climate we find ourselves in today. Bassist and co-lyricist Jameel Majam explains, “we’re taught to actively read the news growing up as that’s what ‘adults’ do and that is what ‘smart’ people do – but if we only ingest corporate media on a regular basis, then we will only be hearing one side of the story. We’re living in an age where we have the greatest access to knowledge ever – we can’t just accept everything we read. We must challenge everything, ourselves and our own perspectives”. Anthemic and important, ‘Prove Me Wrong’ takes kindling from punk roots to instead harness a new flame to the fight.

For fans of: The Used, Cancer Bats, Comeback Kid

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Ethereal, eccentric, indulgent. This track is a comforting listen that soothes the soul. Quirky in its delivery, its a unique, fresh, and lovable. Channeling the energy of funk, disco, and modern house, ‘WWWWWHY’ sees this dynamic female duo produce an idiosyncratic fusion that comes together perfectly. WIGZ is sure to get you warm, especially with their recently dropped remix of this already fiery track, employing the help of TEJAVU to show off the duality of their shimmering anthem. This groovy tune will boogie its way into your heart!

For fans of: Jessie Ware, Dua Lipa, Confidence Man

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Chelsea Warner- ‘Drama’

Inserting her story into the growing realm of alt-r&b, Chelsea Warner is known for infusing the loveable sounds of the past into the modern ideals of musicianship. ‘Drama’ is another one of those dynamic tracks- soulful and relaxed whilst also invigorating and refreshing. Smooth and silky, ‘Drama’ is an instant earworm, and is a toasty treat for these cooler months. Moving through her own story and adapting to her own sound, Chelsea Warner leaves her mark on the constantly shifting scene, capturing moments of time with skill and perfectionism.

For fans of: Milan Ring, Chloe x Halle, Erykah Badu

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Tiarne- ‘Flora’

Subtle and ambient, ‘Flora’ is a track that is perfectly mellow, yet captivating and alluring at the same time. Tiarne is a Brisbane based singer-songwriter who weaves minimalist soundscapes, crystalline beats and worlds of nostalgia in her tracks. ‘Flora’ sees Tiarne continue to express her flair and stark sense of individuality. Its a track so delicate but poignant in its emotion and discussion of heavy topics, like healing and developing healthy coping mechanisms. ‘Flora’, is like a fae guide in the darkness, gentle, but not afraid to raise the vines of the forest to defend you.

For fans of: Julia Jacklin, Maggie Rogers, Phoebe Bridgers, Woodes

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D’arcy Spiller- ‘K Karma’

Born in the chaos of 2020, ‘K Karma' subtly fuels the flames of our current environment, leading a discussion in the many ways in which the past can come back to haunt us. Undeniably catchy, this track from the very core outwards is the essence of sophisticated presentation. Airing truths through the lens of indie-pop, there is truly everything to love about this track. ‘K Karma’ is set to be the closer for D’arcy’s upcoming EP, ‘Disarray’, out on the 6th of August. An incredible taste of what is to come, ‘K Karma’ certainly makes us work up a sweat waiting for the EP to drop!

For fans of: Bishop Briggs, Azure Ryder, Hope D

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