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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Hot, Fresh Tunes To Put A Spring In Your Step!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

The days outside seem a little brighter, and the weather a little warmer! What better way to celebrate than with a fresh, hand-picked collection of some of the week’s freshest tunes. With a mix of fiery powerhouses alongside calm, storytelling vocalists, there is something in this mix that everyone can love. So, soak up the sun- and soak up these fresh tracks whilst you’re at it!

Eves Karydas- ‘Cardboard Box’ (featuring Hauskey)

In a powerfully emotive duet, Eves Karydas and Hauskey complement one another, perfectly blending to create a seamless story, and an even more powerful presentation. With an essence of understanding, the two vocalists initiate a journey through change- a story from love to loss, a fall from the greatest heights to the cardboard box of things that remind you of where you once were.

I was thinking about how huge and infinite small things feel when you're in love. Leaving a toothbrush at their place. Having shared memories in frames on the wall. But when that love ends, that whole universe of life can get packed away into something so mundane and ordinary as a brown cardboard box”.

Beautifully solemn and emotional, this track is submerged in sincerity, but is equally driven by knowledge and hope. In such a vulnerable setting, these two singers soar to new heights! This collaboration is one to watch!

For Fans Of: Mallrat, BENEE, Jack River

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Evie Irie- ‘Bleed’

From the opening second, this track is a knock-out punch of energy, character, and attitude. Sparkling in the intertwined characteristics of pop and punk, ‘Bleed’ dominates the ears with an unapologetic sense of self, and an even greater sense of composition and style. Addictive, Irie delivers a powerful vocal performance that is laced with a fierceness that is unmissable. There is not a moment when your attention is not commanded, and with this attention, Evie Irie transforms a song into an experience that is sure to linger with you beyond the listening time. Assertive and wonderfully intrusive, ‘Bleed’ is the ultimate self-aware anthem that knows (and commands) its worth!

For Fans Of: Marina and the Diamonds, Gwen Stefani, WILLOW

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The Buoys- ‘Lie To Me Again’

With their unique, Australian, indie-rock sound, The Buoys have been making quite a statement this year. Following up their single ‘Bad Habit’ was set to be a difficult feat, but the release of ‘Lie To Me Again’ has certainly blown these expectations out of the water. Easing into the ear with a softer approach, this track lowers its guards with its anthemic and incredibly irresistible chorus. Culminating to an enormous ending filled with emotion, passion, and an insane amount of vulnerability, The Buoys not only certify their position as storytellers but in the process, have created a track that deserves that repeat button to be hit! With mesmerizing vocals and a perfectly matched instrumental performance, it’s hard not to love!

For Fans Of: Spacey Jane, Ruby Fields, Yours Truly

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Erin Foster- ‘Sometimes’ (Alternative Version featuring Ashley Martin)

Putting a melancholic spin on her previously released track, ‘Sometimes’ (Alternative Version) is a snippet of auditory beauty. Radiating an essence of calmness and composure, this track is an easy listen that projects an image of etherealness into the mind. In a powerful partnership, Foster combined talents with Ashley Martin (Eliza & The Delusionals) who used his mastery to create an otherworldly, 80’s guitar soundscape- the foundation of this alternative version. ‘Sometimes’ see Erin Foster blossom into a new realm, both vocally and creatively, and we can’t wait to hear what is to come!

For Fans Of: Lights, Ellie Goulding, Eves Karydas

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90ivy- ‘Now Or Later’

Infused in the essence of a techno-pop dream, 90ivy have created the ultimate earworm! Formerly known as The Flowers, 90ivy have marked their name change with a reason to remember it. Gliding through an immersive beat, guided by prominent and loveable vocals, this track truly has it all. Aided by funky guitar and an irresistible feat of drumming, it’s hard not to be transported somewhere else with this track. An easy listen, this song shines with its energy- providing a vibe that is comforting, warm, and enjoyable. Just in time for spring, ‘Now or Later’ has already worn out our on repeat button!

For Fans Of: The 1975, Middle Kids, Beach Bunny

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RinRin- ‘Shadows’

With the release of her highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Episode 1’, RinRin is swiftly taking over the scene with her multifaceted and fresh sound. Her sound, a concoction of elements from the metalcore, pop, and electronic genres, is a delectable taste of individuality and a surefire energy pick-up. ‘Shadows’ emerged from the EP as a previously unreleased track, but is now adding a shining light to RinRin’s name. With fast-paced energy, an unmistakable urgency, and unique production that draws you in, RinRin has asserted her rising position by dishing out track after track of enthralling and fresh hits. ‘Shadows’ is a must-listen, not to mention a healthy dose of energy for a time like this!

For Fans Of: Poppy, BABYMETAL, RedHook

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