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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Coming In Hot With New Winter Tunes

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

On these cold winter days (and so many gig cancellations), rugging up at home with some new Aussie tunes has never sounded better. We’ve picked out some perfect local tracks to warm you up and get you through the week.

The Generates - 'Self Assured'

Formerly known as Plastik Reality, The Generates have reinvented themselves to take on their next exciting phase as a band. Their latest track ‘Self Assured’ features punchy guitars, infectious riffs and raw energy. Tearing up the QLD music scene since 2018, this five-piece group delivers hard-hitting garage rock with punk and classic rock influences. The first taste of their upcoming album, ‘Self Assured’ is a sign of epic things to come from the band as their sound evolves. Follow The Generates around Brisbane city as they wreak havoc in their new music video. You can still grab tickets to their remaining QLD tour dates here.

I don’t feel so self assured/

I don’t feel it anymore/

All these thoughts inside my brain/

I might be dead

For Fans Of: The Strokes, The Growlers, Fight Ibis

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Lucky Idiot - 'Nice Day'

Lucky Idiot is the project of talented Brisbane musicians Maxwell Bryne (Golden Vessel), Kalem Woo (Rei So La) and Rei Sakakibara (Sweater Curse). The trio were showered with well-deserved praise for their debut EP Low Ceiling, spurring them to jump back in the studio to bring us ‘Nice Day’. With lulling vocals, a skittering drum beat and sweet riffs, this track unfolds like a hazy daydream. Written about a housemate’s commitment to starting a vege-garden, ‘Nice Day’ encourages us to celebrate the simple things in life. Keep an eye out for Lucky Idiot’s upcoming EP Eat Up, coming out July 7.

For Fans Of: Golden Vessel, Daste., Nick Ward

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Ava Kaydo - 'Exit Door'

From Queensland’s sunny Central Coast, Ava Kaydo have released their gorgeous debut EP Colourless Green Dream. ‘Exit Door’ is a stand out track from this collection of lush indie-rock. Maddy Chalk’s hypnotic vocals contrast perfectly with bluesy melodies and reverb-drenched guitars. ‘Exit Door’ talks about finding yourself constantly dragged back into a toxic relationship that warps your sense of self. Four years in the making, make sure to listen to Colourless Green Dream for a full dose of Ava Kaydo’s intoxicating sound.

Why is it when I find myself above all this/

You seem to find me, pull me down with your bullshit/

Oh honey, I don’t know myself/

When you are here, I’ll crawl into a shell

For Fans Of: Ocean Alley, Methyl Ethel, Phantastic Ferniture

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Tom Myers - 'On and On'

Brisbane one-man-band Tom Myers has finally released his debut EP, eloquently titled Tom Myers EP. ‘On and On’ gradually layers instrumentals to create a brooding and cinematic sound drawing similarities to Radiohead. With masterful orchestra arrangements, haunting vocals and fuzzed out guitars, ‘On and On’ beautifully sets the scene for the rest of the EP. Myers shared, "It's a big weight off my shoulders to have this music out. It means a lot to me and writing these songs really helped me through some of the darkest times in my life." In the works since 2019, Tom Myers EP was well worth the wait.

For Fans Of: Radiohead, Deftones, Fleet Foxes

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Majak Door - 'L'acqua Salata (Ain't So Sweet)'

If you haven’t heard of Majak Door yet, you are seriously missing out. This Melbourne band combines surf-rock, psychedelia and dream pop into a concoction we can't get enough of. Their first release of the year 'L'acqua Salata (Ain't So Sweet)' is no exception. Drenched with reverb, jangly guitars and 60’s influenced synths, this track has us wishing we were back at the beach. Eager to head on tour as soon as restrictions allow, keep an eye out for tour dates coming from Majak Door.

For Fans Of: Peach Fur, The Grogans, Spacey Jane

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Liyah Knight - 'Moon Baby'

Sydney based singer-songwriter Liyah Knight’s lush new single ‘Moon Baby’ has us ecstatic for the release of her upcoming EP Travellers Guide, due out September 24th. Liya Knight channels an authentic r&b sound on this track with soulful vocals and woozy beats to make you feel some type of way. Liya Knight explained, "'Moon Baby’ is the early stages of allowing someone to be the epicentre of your mind and heart." The music video features stunning visuals to match, overflowing with warm light and cosmic energy. Liya Knight’s next EP “explores the journey of being open to the unfamiliar; Once we strip back our layers, we are ultimately allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to be open to new experiences."

Midnight silhouette/

Your presence has no parallel/

Commence in my dreams when you leave/

Like you never left

For Fans Of: Umi, Kali Uchis, Mahalia

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