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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Locally Grown Goodies

We're back with another collection of gems from all around Australia as well as a cheeky British addition. Whatever kind of week you’ve had, finish it off on a high-note with these top-notch tracks.

Emily Rink - 'How It Feels'

Brisbane singer songwriter Emily Rink has released her first track since 2019. ‘How It Feels’ explores the heartbreak that comes from being subjected to emotional mind games. Emily reflects on the beauty of what could’ve been if things panned out differently. Emily’s deep husky vocals contrasted with haunting background harmonies make for a gorgeous indie pop number. Electric guitars and floating synths simmer to a candid and captivating chorus that stays with you long after listening.

Lie with me, show me how to feel/

Kiss me, show me what I've been missing/

Love me like you know all my secrets/

Teach me, I'm young but I’m not broken

For Fans Of: Florence + The Machine, London Grammar, Angus and Julia Stone, Kita Alexander

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Telenova - 'Bones'

‘Bones’ is the show-stopping debut single from Melbourne three-piece Telenova. Inspired by trip-hop production and powerful female vocalists like Lana Del Rey, this track is alluring and elegant. Telenova have layered instrumental and electronic elements to create a magical cinematic sound that echoes through you. Angeline Armstrong explains, ‘We started with that percussive intro, like rattling bones, and it reminded me of this feeling I’ve had of being so trapped inside my own head, my own skin and bones. We started to envision this elaborate narrative of melancholia and longing, a girl trapped in her own bones…her own disillusionment.” Buy tickets to Telenova’s upcoming Sydney and Melbourne shows here.

They call me fanatic, they call me absurd/

The people are plastic out there in the world/

I live in a silence, I'm caught in a trap/

Won't you free me from my bones/

I'm melodramatic, how lucky is that?

For Fans Of: Danger Mouse, Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen

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Caravãna Sun - 'Stella'

‘Stella’ is the new heart-warming track from Sydney rockers Caravãna Sun. Behind it’s vibrant and upbeat exterior, this track stems from overcoming incredibly dark times. The band shared that ‘Stella’ was originally written for a close friend who had suffered a miscarriage. This optimistic track represents the positive light and excitement that unborn life brings to our lives, however long it lasts. ‘Stella’ helps us push forward to brighter times with it’s colourful charm.

I’ve opened up to newer things/

And fewer things seemed haunting without you/

I’d never wanna take it back/

Lord knows a love like that don’t come around this way/

Maybe well see each other another day

For Fans Of: Empire Of The Sun, Lime Cordiale, Shag Rock

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Sampson - 'Hold Me Back'

Sydney group Sampson blend psychedelic rock, synth pop, disco and more in their latest track ‘Hold Me Back’. The band shared, "With this track we wanted to do something a bit more upbeat. The song evolved from a syncopated Disco loop in the verse, to the more Strokes-esque guitar riffs in the chorus”. Sampling whale sounds in the pre-chorus, it’s fair to say Sampson is not afraid to experiment with their DIY recording style. ‘Hold Me Back’ has depth, groove and diversity to reel you in and keep you there. The track talks about fleeting moments with special people and holding onto relationships despite changing circumstances.

There's no point moving towns/

Since I'm feeling like I can't leave/

Don’t tell me twice/

It's bad advice, I'll make it better

Don’t waste your gears/

Push all my fears and blame it on me

For Fans Of: Tame Impala, MGMT, DMA'S

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Molly Burman - 'Fool Me With Flattery'

‘Fool Me With Flattery’ is the newest tongue-in-cheek drop from North London teen Molly Burman. With her parents performing in many bands, Molly was destined to write and record music of her own. Molly shared, "I wrote the song after a long day of feeling overlooked and ignored by some of the guys in my life. I was fed up, angry and used the stereotype of a mansplaining misogynist to let it all out. This song is for anyone who feels belittled and like they’re being made to shrink themselves; be as big as you possibly can, and don’t let anyone fool you with flattery!" This track is an incredibly satisfying dig in the form of a melodic bedroom pop anthem. With jangly guitars and distinct vocals, we’re stoked to bring this dreamy track to Australian shores.

Don’t belittle me boy/

Surprisingly my brain works quite well alone/

While you see my name in lights/

Yours will be in the back of my mind/

In a place where I’ll never find it

For Fans Of: Lily Allen, Arlo Parks, Portishead

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Big Dinner - 'Clouds'

Brisbane band Big Dinner have released ‘Clouds’ with the announcement of their debut EP This Time Next Year (coming out April 1st). These boys have made a name for themselves in Brisbane with a history of impressive live gigs and consistent releases. ‘Clouds’ is a groovy track featuring saxophone, catchy guitar hooks and quintessentially Australian vocals. ‘Clouds’ is the perfect track for kicking back with mates whether it be at the beach, in the backyard or at a picnic. As far as music videos are concerned, this is about as Brisbane as it gets. We're counting down the days until brand new tunes from Big Dinner.

Free your mind/

Open your mouth, leave me all of your lies/

Tell the truth, don’t be fake/

Coming to tell you you'll be ok

For Fans Of: Kurlipa Reach, The Fools, Good Morning

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