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LivewireAU's Six Pack: New Music Thirst Quenchers For These Hot Nights

Well we did it! The new year is well and truly here, we’ve survived another wild Hottest 100 weekend and it’s officially time to get acquainted with some new artists and banging new tracks. Welcome to our first LivewireAU Six Pack of 2021, where we’ve stocked the esky with six delectable new music thirst quenchers for you to reach for during this Feb heat. Cheers!

Heaps Good Friends - 'Up Close And Personal'

Dust off your dancing shoes because Adelaide pop outfit Heaps Good Friends have brought us a new single bursting with bop, bounce and boogie! Brought to life with pulsing synth and bubbly vocals 'Up Close And Personal' tells the story of "being so fascinated by someone; how they talk, move, dress, it's like they are bulletproof". Unapologetically catchy, Heaps Good Friends founders Emma and Nick brought their unique flavour and spontaneity to this track which encourages 2.44 minutes of uninhibited 'dance like nobody’s watching' energy.

For Fans Of: Confidence Man

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Eloelo - 'Satisfied'

Fresh-faced Brisbane singer-songwriter Eloelo takes us back in time with debut single 'Satisfied'. Expect to be enveloped by mellow guitar and honeyed harmonies as front-woman Eloise Goldsmith takes you on a journey through her experience in a one-sided relationship. Dabbling with elements of surf-rock, Eloelo’s surplus of influences from the 60s-90s are also apparent in 'Satisfied' as we’re exposed to a quintessential 80’s pop beat underlying ethereal lead vocals. Building from stripped back acoustic guitar to a bridge filled with otherworldly synth scales and groovy guitar riffs, 'Satisfied' will encourage you to let go whilst simultaneously keeping you on your toes.

For Fans Of: Billie Marten, Tia Gostelow, Eliza and the Delusionals, Hatchie

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Lucy Francesca Dron - 'What Is Next?'

I'll tell you! It's a multiple genre blend at its best from another Brisbane artist by the name of Lucy Francesca Dron. Fusing psychedelic rock with post punk, lo-fi folk and jazz is no easy feat, however the three piece, consisting of Lucy, her brother and bassist Tom Dron and drummer Tex Keane, have managed to produce an addictive track with 'What Is Next?' that does each genre justice. Although the song pulses with an upbeat indie-rock energy, 'What Is Next?' drips with grit and fire, brought to the forefront with Lucy’s jazzy vocals which are instantly captivating and reminiscent of hearing Tash Sultana for the first time - if her band was Hiatus Kaiyote. A building, instrumentally chaotic bridge gives 'What Is Next?' an edge that pays tribute to their post punk influences and will have you reaching to hit replay.

For Fans Of: Jaala, Tash Sultana, Angel Olsen, Hiatus Kaiyote

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The Great Emu War Casualties - 'I’m a Yes Man'

UK indie-rock fans, this one is for you. 'I’m a Yes Man' is the latest from indie-rockers The Great Emu War Casualties and it’s fair to say this track doesn’t mess around, punching you with layers of nifty guitar licks, riffs plus a moody bass from the first second. The band’s UK roots and influences are definitely apparent in this track as Joe Jackson uses his endearingly deadpan vocals to explore the feeling of discomfort and unrest while being required to push on and help others. Filled to the brim with a tiramisu-worthy layering of ripping guitar, 'I'm a Yes Man' is an exciting fronting single for the band's new EP Vanity Project, which is set to be released on 26 February.

For Fans Of: Bombay Bicycle Club, As Tall As Lions, School Food Punishment

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EVIE - 'Swinging on the Balcony'

This sultry indie-pop tune comes from young Brisbane songwriter EVIE. Her first single of the year, 'Swinging on the Balcony' pays homage to EVIE’s influences as her strong, silky vocals command the dark yet buoyant track, sure to prick the ears of Lana Del Rey fans. The single shows EVIE’s growth, both sonically and personally, as she experiments within her genre, forcing you to immerse yourself completely in its vulnerability, soaking up every last harmony and reverberating beat. Definitely a taste of big things to come from this talented young artist.

For Fans Of: Lana Del Rey, Jack River, Mazzy Star

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V.BLVQ - 'Ferris Bueller'

Inspired by the wily ways of everyone’s favourite hooky player comes a scorching new track from fresh Gold Coast hip-hop artist V.BLVQ. A summer anthem for living our lives as we please and answering to nobody, 'Ferris Bueller' sees V.BLVQ fuse indie and hip-hop to create a quirky, laid back track that simultaneously slaps. V.BLVQ manages to capture the childlike desire to shuck all responsibilities in lieu of pure fun and mischief, achieved through an impressive combination of clever lyrical content, an infinitely catchy vocal hook and a warm, melodic groove. Best enjoyed at full volume after you’ve just called in “sick” from work, 'Ferris Bueller' is bursting with possibility and might be just the song you need to remember that life moves pretty fast - if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

For Fans Of: J.Cole, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino

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