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LivewireAU's Six Pack: New Releases and New Obsessions

Now the year is well and truly in swing, Aussie artists are ready to show us the magic they've been working on. From bedroom pop to indie rock and everything in between, we have a few surprises for you this week. As summer comes to a close, what better way to spend it than kicking back with these brand new Aussie tunes.

Steven Reinhardt - ‘Down To Earth’

‘Down to Earth’ is the latest gem from Melbourne bedroom pop artist Steven Reinhardt. Reminiscent of Rex Orange County, Reinhardt layers experimental instruments to create a dreamy concoction. Colourful synths, sax, catchy riffs, drum beats and cowbell pair with playful vocals for the ultimate feel-good track. Written about “wanting attention and validation” in his pursuit for love, Reinhardt asks ‘What’s it gonna take for you to be my girl?’ Keep an eye out for his upcoming EP Soft Serve.

For Fans Of: Gotye, Tame Impala, Rex Orange County

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SEABASS - 'Burn'

Five years in the making, Adelaide band SEABASS has finally released their debut EP Always Kidding. Influenced by Kings of Leon, ‘Burn’ perfectly captures SEABASS’ dynamic signature sound. A drum heavy track with sonic guitars and soaring vocals, ‘Burn’ is a “call to mobilise against stupidity and inaction”. Channeling feelings of desperation and helplessness, this track is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least.

Gonna pack my car and drive as fast as I can in the opposite direction/

Gonna see if light speed can be reached on land/

How can you sit there and watch it over?

For Fans Of: Middle Kids, WAAX, Kings Of Leon

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L. Flora - 'Poison Ivy'

L. Flora have released their mesmerising new single 'Poison Ivy 'ahead of their EP Heavenly (out March 12). With a surprise at every turn, be prepared to pause and rewind this transcendental track constantly. ‘Poison Ivy’ layers jazzy instrumentals with fluttering beats and smooth melodies, swelling with suspense. Millie Khalu’s soulful vocals and rnb-inspired lyrical flows tell stories of jealousy, insecurity and toxic thoughts. A metaphor for "the shadow that lives within us that seeps darkness and doubt into our mind,” Khalu battles with Poison Ivy and picks herself to pieces.

I feel her grow, creeping up my thighs/

Over my hips and my stomach too wide/

I feel her grow, infesting my mind/

Through all the cracks, shutting out the light

For Fans Of: Hiatus Kaiyote, Little Dragon, Noname

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Joe Mungovan - 'Lemon + Lime'

Joe Mungovan’s new track 'Lemon + Lime' could not be more perfect for summer. Warm vocals, catchy riffs and hand drums transport you to a tropical paradise. Inspired by a girl he met one night after a show in Germany, Mungovan crafted this breezy tune at his home studio on the South Coast of NSW. With a perfect vintage music video to match, ‘Lemon + Lime’ is a hit of Vitamin D (even if we can't go on holiday).

Wont you fix me up with your medicine/

One drop on the tongue and I'm back again

For Fans Of: El Grande, Riley Pearce, The VANNS

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Juliet Sunflower - 'red dirt'

Calling all Pheobe Bridgers fans, prepare for Juliet Sunflower to be your newest alt-folk obsession . Born in LA to two classical musician parents, Juliet Sunflower currently resides in Melbourne (and boy are we lucky to have her). Relying on nothing but Sunflower's enchanting vocals, vulnerable lyricism and acoustic strumming, 'red dirt' proves sometimes less is more. We cannot wait to see what else is in store for her this year.

Rolling in the red dirt/

Pulling off my white shirt/

Sniffling in spring time/

Singing with the wind chimes

For Fans Of: Laura Marling, Joni Mitchell, Julia Jacklin

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Big Blue Eyes - 'Japan'

'Japan’ is the latest single from Sunshine Coast’s ridiculously talented Big Blue Eyes. Inspired by Foals and The Jungle Giants, this post-break up track is infectiously energetic and emotive. Inspired by longing for someone you know isn't right for you, Ryan Smart shared “the track was one in which it wrote itself within a day and just flowed out of me, and I think that encapsulates that rush of emotions".

I'm coming back down, and it's funny now/

I find it funny how I thought you were the one

Keep an eye out for Big Blue Eyes' debut album set for release this year and grab tickets for the Brisbane single launch on February 28th here.

For Fans Of: Foals, Holy Holy, The Jungle Giants

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