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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Rising Tensions, Love, Loss And Letting It Be

Indyana - 'The Moon In The Morning’

Naarm-based multi-instrumentalist, producer & songwriter Indyana transports us to a magical moonlit woodland clearing with her latest folk-fusion offering ‘The Moon In The Morning’. With cascading viola harmonies that flow beneath sustained soprano vocals, and a tasteful dose of electronic/pop production, this ode to the moon is mesmerising and other-worldly. Indyana’s impressive vocal range shines through in the bridge; impossibly high yet soft, and her use of chromatic melodies invokes suspense and wonder. Someone needs to commission this songstress to compose & arrange the soundtrack for whichever Tolkien story is next adapted for film.

For fans of: Kate Miller-Meidke, Vera Blue, Aurora, Charm Of Finches

Reliqa - ‘Killstar (The Cold World)’

I may have just discovered my new favourite prog-metal band. ‘Killstar (The Cold World)’ by Sydney/Eora’s Reliqa criticises the corruption and privilege of those in power/the top 1%, and their complacency with war. This tune grabbed my attention straight from the get-go with the rhythmically-exciting opening guitar line, shredding in d harmonic minor over the V chord. It’s a masterclass in restraint (I know it’s a busy song, hear me out) - the verses continue to build suspense with this melodic idea across Amy Lee-esque vocals, making it SO satisfying when the chorus finally resolves to chord I… A WHOLE MINUTE into the song. I caught myself pulling stank face multiple times, notably when it suddenly drops into a shuffle + rap section, and again in the transition back to 4/4. The harmonies are fantastic, and the song is engaging from start to finish.

For fans of: Evanescence, Sleep Token, Spiritbox

Jo Davie - ‘Sandcastles’

Meanjin’s Jo Davie is vulnerable and raw in her sophomore single ‘Sandcastles’; her soft vocals are full of yearning, reflecting on the heartache of missing a lost loved one during pivotal moments in life. 90s alt-rock flavours and warm Phoebe Bridgers-style production provide a dreamy backdrop for Davie’s storytelling, weaving together memories of her mother and imaginings of how they might have shared big moments like Davie's wedding day if she had still been around. This song holds a beautiful space for love and grief.

For fans of: Phoebe Bridgers, Ball Park Music, Falling Joys, R.E.M.

Alana Wilkinson - ‘Shine Through’

I’ve been a fan of Alana Wilkinson’s wholesome, honest and disarming songwriting for a while now, and her latest single ‘Shine Through’ brought a smile to my face and an unexpected tear to my eye. A story of her grandma’s battle with dementia, it’s full of warm childhood memories and glimpses of her grandma’s youth as she “time-travels”. The lyrical motif “I’m proud of my reflection when you shine through” really tugs at the heart strings, and we’re hit with a second wind of feels when the melody from those lyrics is echoed on the piano throughout the second verse. The production is beautiful, drenched in sunny acoustic guitar, a rich string section and layered harmonies, all grooving along to a shaker and some brushed drums.

For fans of: Missy Higgins, Indigo Girls, Jack Johnson

Fan Girl - 'The Last One’

Naarm-based four piece Fan Girl’s new single ‘The Last One’ will have you instantly head-bopping with its immaculate pocket between the tasty drum groove and off-beat bass line, nonchalant vocal, and almost circus-like piano riff peppered through the song with some sneaky dissonant moments. I definitely hear influence from Nirvana here, and the arrangement choices bring to mind Royal Blood’s process of refining a potentially busy song to its most essential elements. This tune vents about operating in survival mode, pushing to get through and running on empty, and the heavy guitar coming in on those stabs really feels like banging your head against a wall in frustration. I feel seen, I feel heard.

For fans of: Nirvana, Yungblud, Royal Blood

Spicy Lemons - Matt’s Place

This song is so charming, so silly, so light-hearted and fun. I’m a huge fan of the banjo amongst the the loud indie-rock guitars, the super-Aussie vocal, ska verses, and short country-style stint in the second verse. It’s definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of ‘fusion music’ but I guess that’s what Spicy Lemons have somewhat made here? A story reminiscing on the carefree early high school days featuring house parties at “Matt’s Place”, the vocal delivery reminds me of Sly Withers, and something in the attitude behind this tune calls to mind the humour of Franz Ferdinand and Presidents Of The United States Of America. This song is definitely a mood booster, highly recommend if you’re feeling overwhelmed from adulting.

For fans of: Sly Withers, Franz Ferdinand, Presidents Of The United States Of America



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