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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Singers, Songwriters, and Some Seriously Honest Tunes

If there is one thing we can be certain about at a time like this, it is uncertainty! Never knowing what’s around the corner can get pretty tiresome… we sure know that! Luckily, this week’s Six Pack has delivered the freshest Australian tunes, guaranteed to showcase the value of songwriting, connection, and honest expression. Whether soft and solemn, or fiery and angsty, these tracks excel in communicating their truths, showing their passion, and most importantly, creating a sense of otherworldliness. So maybe, there is another thing you can be certain of; great Australian talent.

Lisa Mitchell- ‘Zombie’

With an air of simplicity, Lisa Mitchell’s latest single ‘Zombie’ transforms the listening world surrounding it through a delicate and emotive vocal performance, complemented by a soft soundscape that lets all of Mitchell shine. With a heavy fragility and overwhelming vulnerability, ‘Zombie’ entrances through its impassioned performance, but even more so, through the lowered walls that allow listeners into the story. Fluctuating in its existentialism, ‘Zombie’ centers around a juxtaposing conversation surrounding the greatness of being to the small luxuries of feeling.

An ode to being alive! To the glory and tragedy of feeling (and thinking!). Feeling can be the hardest thing to do sometimes, but feeling is magically linked with our human superpowers and we need those. Thank god I’m not a Zombie!”

Driven by emotion that is embedded in every element of this track, Lisa Mitchell has used her ever-developing craftsmanship to once again create an undeniable connection with her listeners. This certainly won’t be the last time, as ‘Zombie’ also coincided with the announcement of her fourth album, set to be an exploration of the experience of life, what it means to exist, and the lessons learned along the way. Set to be an impactful body of work, we cannot wait to see how ‘Zombie’’s counterparts connect with us!

For fans of: Kate Miller- Heidke, Sarah Blasko, Washington

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KYE- ‘Tuesday’ (featuring Jerome Farah)

Soulful, smooth, and soothing, ‘Tuesday’ is the song we needed at a time like this. In a perfect partnership, KYE and Jerome Farah twist through a maze of deep, husky vocals and delicate, smooth vocals to create the perfect juxtaposition, complementing one another by airing both of their unique sound styles in the track. In her journey to reinvigorate the neo-soul sound, ‘Tuesday’ comes as yet another pivotal and inspiring step, showcasing KYE’s ability to shimmer on a track with honeyed vocals and strong world-building. Together, KYE and Jerome have created a track that explores unrequited love with a delicate touch and a seasoned soul.

“‘Tuesday’ is about that person who leaves you a little lonely but you’re willing to wait however long it takes to win them over. They may not be ready to love you, and there’s a part of you that knows that, but you still jump through every hoop. This song came so naturally, Jerome and Jacob Farah, 18YOMAN, and myself were just jamming and it wrote itself. It has the really nostalgic springtime feel to it that I love”.

Leaving you with a feeling of invigoration and heart-filling connection, ‘Tuesday’ is just the track to ease your worries away as you escape into the beat. Luckily, this good energy will continue all throughout October on KYE’s Instagram Live Series, ‘Everyday Is Tuesday’. Make sure to check out KYE and some special guests every Tuesday at 7 pm on Instagram for your weekly dose of good vibes!

For fans of: Kehlani, Miiesha, Sampa the Great

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Noah Dillon- ‘Alive and Kicking’

Situated as the first track on his recently released EP, ‘Don’t Change For The World (Like It’s Changing Me)’, ‘Alive and Kicking’ is also Noah Dillon’s new high energy single! Lead by Dillon’s distinctive vocals, the track is inherently unique by its loveable vocal performance. This is only aided by the beautiful chaos that fills the rest of the track- including an astonishing set of tempo changes, rambunctious guitars, and relatable lyricism. No stranger to a feat of craftsmanship, Dillon throws all expectations into disarray, constantly shifting the trajectory of ‘Alive and Kicking’ just when you get comfortable, making for a listening experience that keeps you right at the edge of your seat. It truly is one of those songs that sounds like the story it tells, this one being that of a love song drenched with feelings of self-doubt!

Taken off an EP that fosters emotion at the forefront, ‘Alive and Kicking’ is inspired by a bigger story at hand. “The overall message is one of learning to love yourself and navigating the relationships around you. When I listen back to the songs together it really points to a time in my life where I was (and still am) figuring out who I am whilst navigating relationships, grief and love. This is a self-exploratory look at who I am and how I am being shaped."

Expressive, emotional, and energetic, ‘Alive and Kicking’ proves Noah Dillon’s latest era is one to watch (and listen to)!

For fans of: Spacey Jane, Holy Holy, Sly Withers

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Dinje- ‘Wish I Knew’

Sometimes the purest form of expression comes from leaping away from the comfortable and tumbling into the unknown. This is just what Dinje has done in his latest track, ‘Wish I Knew’, tackling many new artistic and stylistic boundaries that sees him delving into new personal realms. The result? A fresh, relevant, and intriguing track that has been crafted with a sense of professionalism and knowledge of his many potentials as an artist. Through a surging beat and pronounced vocal performance, Dinje communicates one of life’s most relatable stories (one of unrequited love and unresolved emotions) through one of life’s most beloved and popular soundscapes.

“Every variable and emotion that was present felt as if I was going through it alone, I was never sure if she was feeling the same emotions that kept me awake at night.”

In his latest push as an artist, Dinje has shown off his building skillset and shifting plain of sound. Not merely an artist with duality, Dinje is certainly an artist to watch evolve with his ever-changing and interchanging talents.

For fans of: The Kid Laroi, ONEFOUR, midwxst

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ioakim- ‘tongue tied’

For many, songs can feel like a whirlwind and a rush of emotions. But are those songs ever written and produced within a night? Coming together in what felt like a blur, ‘tongue tied’ perfectly articulates the overwhelming feelings that surround not being able to communicate. From the opening second, ‘tongue tied’ radiates a sense of comfort that is fostered in its soft, accompanying beats. ioakim’s tender and solemn vocals charge through with a genuine vulnerability and clear story to tell, submerging the whole track in an unmissable sense of feeling. The track immediately slots in with many other feeling anthems of its kind- ‘tongue tied’ feels like it’s been an anthem forever, when it is really just the anthem we needed.

“‘tongue tied’ is about having an overwhelming feeling of not being able to communicate. I remember during the time of writing this song I was in situations where I couldn't find the words I needed at the right time. The themes throughout this song include love, relationships, and having the regret of not being able to say everything you wish you could’ve. This song is special to me as I feel like it is the first of many songs that open up into the true world of ioakim.”

With sublime craftsmanship and a sense of feeling that immediately pronounces it as an accompaniment to some of those universal life struggles, ‘tongue tied’ holds a comfort that is not to be missed!

For fans of: Tame Impala, Dayglow, The Neighbourhood

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Placement- ‘Lost Sun’

Entrancing from the echoing chants of ‘Lost Sun’, this latest Placement single lures you into a labyrinth of noise, feeling, and passion- all the elements that make up this unique and otherworldly band. Blossoming in their limitless creativity, Placement put their own spin on the post-punk & noise-rock genre, creating a new form that very well takes the shape of them as a collective. Asserting their sound through experimentation, dissonance, harmonies, and spoken word, no element is overlooked in their creative endeavors. This remains the same for their latest single, ‘Lost Sun’, which holds a continuous intensity and watchful eye on its fluent vocals and hard instrumentals. Dripping in darkness, ‘Lost Sun’ is a song you cannot escape!

“I heard the guitar riff that underpins the song and it instantly made me think of warm hypnotic Australian summer days. I spent many days in my childhood lying on the grass in our backyard lulled by the warmth. I wanted the lyrics to tie into the memory of hot summer days, the haze, the lethargy, the pleasure of your body being fully warmed and getting too hot for a brief moment. The words came out all at once, written in my current Aussie backyard, the first time I put my headphones on to listen to the song after Alex had played it for me on guitar. I wanted the words to invoke the haze and the heat and the lethargy. The way temperature and scents can draw you back through time and connect you with submerged memories” explains Malia Wearn

‘Lost Sun’ is only a small taste of Placement’s upcoming EP of the same name, set to be released into the world on the 22nd of October.

For fans of: Sonic Youth, Horror My Friend, Drahla

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