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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: So Many Tunes, And There’s Still Six For You!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

You guessed it! It’s been another week of incredible, local releases! In fact, this week was an overload of refreshing talent, unexpected takes, and of course, the emergence of both tracks and artists that are set to become our new favourites! It was a challenge, but we’ve narrowed down six of the stellar tracks that we think you'll love! Ranging from honest pop to noisy rock, there is something here to connect with, vibe with, or simply enjoy! Here’s to Australian music!

Straight Girls- ‘Best Friend’

Only three songs into their innovative and inspiring musical journey, Straight Girls have released another mind-bending, atmospheric, and catchy banger in the form of ‘Best Friend’. The odd becomes amalgamated into something beautiful within these tracks, using layers of unheard and unusual sound to combine into something refreshing and exciting. The vocals are intoxicating and deep with a honey-like finish that makes this song so sweet. Filled with vulnerability and passion, these vocals do not merely share the story, but are the primary vessel for connection in this track. Breaking the borders between audience and artist, Straight Girls opens the harsh truths of life, love, and the confusing experiences many of us face. Synth features and bountiful pop hoist up the beautiful vocals, combining to make this a coming-of-age anthem of realization and otherworldliness.

For fans of: Hallie, Platonic Sex, Sweater Curse

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Lucy Francesca Dron- ‘Last Breath’

Bringing her passion and performing prowess into 2022, Lucy Francesca Dron has gifted us with a track that is so much bigger than itself, reaching out to affect you in more ways than one. ‘Last Breath' is all-encompassing and all surrounding, yet in its grandness is not menacing, rather, gentle and encasing through its own self-assuredness. Soft and passionate, Lucy’s vocals lie on a bed of echoing instrumentals that gradually increase in volume, strength, and layers, culminating to a divine piece of sound. Throughout the duration of this track, all elements work together to create a theatrical piece of music that consistently leaves you upon the edge of your seat. ‘Last Breath’ is an epic display of Dron’s unassuming power and seamless ability to command, control, and take center stage.

For fans of: Asha Jefferies, Full Flower Moon Band, Fraser Bell

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The Dandys- ‘Lemons’

In just their second single, The Dandy’s have shown us that there’s nothing to frown about with their new single ‘Lemons’. Beginning with an intoxicating bassline, we are immediately hooked into a track that is not easily escapable, trapping you with its loveable zest and unique tang. After sharp verses, ‘Lemons’ shows off its anthemic chorus that becomes instantly recognizable. With chants and echos, one can only begin to imagine its place in a live setting in a room with everyone singing along. The track finds itself on a fluctuating plain, constantly shifting to show The Dandy’s unpredictable, refreshing, and exciting take on music. ‘Lemons’ builds up to a moment that explodes with pure energy, closing off the track just as strong as it started. There is truly nothing sour about their new belter.

For fans of: Bugs, Courtney Barnett, Rolling Blackouts CF

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Dopamine- ‘Turn Your Heart’

Dopamine knows how to get our hearts racing, especially with their latest track ‘Turn Your Heart’. Beginning with an intoxicating and storming drum beat, the track ceases to fall from this already impressive wave. Nostalgia-infused vocals lead the track, but at the same time, also carry the refreshing sound of the Brisbane band. Fusing together, Dopamine crafts a perfect balance between the familiar and unheard, in turn, crafting the very essence of their sound as a band. ‘Turn Your Heart’ is undeniably catchy, and makes unexpected but perfect transitions between its elements that surprise and stun (much like the first jump from verse to chorus). What is particularly notable is the band’s new take on yearning and love, offering a touching sentiment that for a moment, ignores the dread and the drab, but delivers a perspective that offers emotive imagery that is heartwarming, relatable, and warm. Fostering a healthy longing in moments of uncertainty, Dopamine uses their most powerful musical tools to say all they need to say.

For fans of: Future Haunts, The Predators, Girl and Girl

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Hatchie- ‘Lights On’

Acting as our last glimpse of her upcoming album before its release, Hatchie has set the bar even higher, releasing one of her most intriguing singles to date, ‘Lights On’. Much like all of Hatchie’s offerings, the track is not merely a kaleidoscope of sounds, but conjures up evocations of colours, feelings, and textures- creating a full-body feeling of wonder. Energetic and ethereal, ‘Lights On’ is a combination of decadent sounds and gorgeous vocals that lather upon you like silky, soft curtains. There is no doubt that Hatchie creates an experience, and with the strength of this last single, it is more than certain that she is likely to build a whole world of her own within ‘Giving The World Away’. ‘Lights On’ is not merely enough to tie us over until the next release, but comes as a powerful reminder of Hatchie’s experimental artistry, reinvigoration of sound, and never-been-heard-before releases.

For fans of: Middle Kids, Jack River, Tia Gostelow

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Lunchtime- ‘Wait’

Back with their first single of the year, Lunchtime has released their new show-stopping hit, ‘Wait’. Based on the foundations of a powerful juxtaposition between sharp and constant riffs, and self-assured vocals, ‘Wait’ is not a battle for attention, but an exercise in partnership and how two contrasting sounds can complement each other so well. Its chorus is nostalgic, embedded with the charm of familiarity, but soars with its unique flair that arises from that special Lunchtime touch. The band’s personality shines through the track, placing a glimpse of their comfortable dynamic and ability to push boundaries at the forefront of their music. Instrument heavy, the band puts an emphasis on their tools as a vessel- and as the notes take hold of the listener, this approach clearly works. Intoxicating until the sounds drown out, the only thing you’ll be ‘Wait’-ing for is the moment you can play the track again.

For fans of: Voiid, WAAX, Selfish Sons

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