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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Stunning Tracks Celebrating Unique Soundscapes

It’s been another strong and stellar week in the Australian music single game. Whether it’s our biggest and most adored artists setting the path for their upcoming albums, or our favourite up-and-comers continuing to forge their name and rise in the ranks of our ever-flourishing scene, these tracks are sure to immerse you in our unique, homegrown soundscapes. Fulled by passion and driven by connection, these tracks show an undeniable commitment to artistry, and an even stronger recognition of the importance of storytelling. Before you’re left anticipating what comes next, take a moment to really absorb these stunning, new tracks!

Gang Of Youths- ‘the man himself’

Even a recent relocation to London cannot stop Gang Of Youths from being Australia’s national treasure, with the reception of their latest EP, ‘total serene’, being an optimal example of their everlasting impact on our scene. Reingitng their journey, the band is back with their latest gripping single, ‘the man himself’. With their intensity and outstanding emotional performance, a word that comes to mind with any Gang Of Youths song is 'grand'. ‘the man himself’ rises even further, giving us a sound that resembles feeling. Moving from an orchestral beginning toward a rush of instrumentals, the band immediately captures you in a whirlwind of feeling. Building upon this solid foundation is the unmatched vocals of Dave Le’aupepe, submerged in a powerful smoothness that is so easy to get lost in. True to their songwriting identity, the song’s lyrics shapeshift as close as they can to poetry, extending beyond just words. Within ‘the man himself’, these lyrics begin to unpack the disorientating feelings that come with the grief of losing one’s father, acknowledging the missing void, but then finding a new way to exist with memory as a comfort. Raw, real, and redefining the experience of grief, ‘the man himself’ is an experience into the mind of the band and a realisation of the weight their songs hold. More so, the track is an almighty tool in the realm of legacy and life, and Gang Of Youths have used their sophisticated soundscape to explore it personally and genuinely.

For fans of: Cub Sport, DMA’S, Holy Holy

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flowerkid- ‘vodka orange juice’

Since emerging on the scene and following with a string of knockout singles, flowerkid has proven that his greatest asset lies within his open storytelling- a skill that has provided his fans with unmatched vulnerability, genuine truths, and an authenticity that has equated to complete transparency as a songwriter. ‘vodka orange juice’ perhaps reaches the pinnacle of his storytelling nature, constructing a twisted auditory journey through the struggles of power, gender, and acceptance. Through the retelling of personal experience, flowerkid’s emotion gets pushed to the forefront, making ‘vodka orange juice’ touching from the first moments. Culminating to what can only be compared to as a pin-drop moment, even when this song has so much to say, flowerkid uses his growing craftsmanship to create moments of silence, of realisation, and of reflection. It is moments like these that make a song so personal equally driven by an intense connection with the audience, consistently shifting the tone for those who need to hear it.

“It was hugely cathartic writing this song. I was on the coast in a caravan by the water, reflecting on my past. I did it in one take and started crying by the time I got to the last chorus. I hope when other people are listening to this they feel the same way”.

For fans of: Hope D, Tyne-James Organ, Alex the Astronaut

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Between You & Me- ‘Butterflies’

On the road to ‘Armageddon’ (Between You & Me’s upcoming sophomore album), the band has been giving us taste after taste of their revitalized sound and developed songwriting, all of which fluctuate within their genreless, creative bounds. Their latest single, ‘Butterflies’ is another step in the journey- this one being an endearing song about infatuation and the hope of emerging feelings. Branded with the essence of vocalist, Jake Wilson’s, attitude and charisma, the track is an all-encompassing and attention-grabbing anthem for the semi-hopeless romantic. Fresh and exciting, the chorus is hard to escape, cementing the song with a strong mark of remembrance. However, this is not the only thing to love! In all its facets, the song is refreshing and loveable. With an energetic instrumental performance and capturing vocals, this song holds a timelessness that makes even the 100th listen feel like the 1st! With a story plagued by setbacks and uncertainty, I think the most prominent element of ‘Butterflies’ is hearing the band exactly where they are supposed to be.

“Lyrically, ‘Butterflies’ is a song about becoming completely infatuated by someone I barely knew and my pursuit for that feeling to become mutual. Whilst it is at its core a love song; the song is also about navigating the journey of casual relationships and how feelings evolve over time.”

‘Armageddon’ is set to fly into our lives on November 19th!

For fans of: Trophy Eyes, Neck Deep, Tonight Alive

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Milan Ring- ‘Pick Me Up’ (featuring Jean Deaux)

Smooth, luxurious and backed up by an air of confidence, ‘Pick Me Up’ sees Milan Ring and Jean Deaux combine forces to create an effortlessly stunning track. Concerned with a discussion of royalty, beauty, and vanity, the track embodies its discussion through sound, with both vocalists presenting a pronounced yet delicate side to their vocals, embodying the sultry ambiance this track fosters. Together, Ring and Deaux are an unstoppable force, perfectly intertwining with one another and complementing each other through their unique and capturing artistry. Through the soft and mesmerising vocals, together with the simple yet transformative instrumentals, this track is nothing short of otherworldly, creating a feeling of pure escapism as you listen. Lucky for us, ‘Pick Me Up’ is only a mere taste of the world Milan Ring has created, the rest of which is to be uncovered in her debut album, ‘I’m Feeling Hopeful’, out on December 3rd!

For fans of: Greta Stanley, CLEWS, Sycco

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Florian- ‘Seventeen’

Situated in a dreamy wonderland of 80’s aesthetics and dreamy guitars, ‘Seventeen’ sees Florian bringing the love of the past into the future. More so, the track sees Florian allow herself to grow, with the song looking back at the past with an equal vision of nostalgia and self-awareness. Glittery and crisp, this track is the perfect ode to what once was, and a beautiful transition into the now, celebrating with the many modern layers that hold together this 80’s dream. With a seamless vocal performance, Florian leaves no sense of emotion or delicateness behind, approaching this song with an air of comfort and concern. Equal parts soul-stirring and uplifting, ‘Seventeen’ is the anthem of change we needed- marking the journey of the past into the present. Soft, approachable, and an easy listen, ‘Seventeen’ is a calming and eye-opening listening experience.

“The song speaks from two versions of me, one that’s the regular me, doing regular life things, having low days etc. and that’s kind of the verse lyrics, and then the wiser, happier, encouraging, love-yourself-version of me in the chorus who’s just like, “Go have a good time, you idiot!””

For fans of: Lola Scott, Client Liason, Budjerah

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Keeks- ‘Do Me A Favour’

‘Do Me A Favour’ serves us just the right dose of vibrancy, enhanced by Keeks’s unique delivery and individualism in her performance. With prominent beats, the track guides you through its duration with certainty and energy. ‘Do Me A Favour’ showcases Keeks’s soft but powerful vocals that whilst calm, can serve an unmissable amount of emotion and story. Marking her much-anticipated return, ‘Do Me A Favour’ signifies an immense amount of growth and redefinition for Keeks, not only as a singer, but as a songwriter. Evidently, these new skills have culminated into a fresh, exciting earworm that is sure to linger for some time to come. Asserting her place as a growing artist, Keeks is looking unstoppable with her refreshingly new take on her own music soundscape.

For fans of: Ivy Adara, Lorde, Bebe Rexha

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