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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Our Local Talents Bring The Goods Once Again

After another week of lockdowns and cancellations, I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little bit down at the moment. If there’s one thing we can always rely on to bring us back to ourselves, it’s music. We hope these brand new Aussie releases brighten up your week like they have ours.

Bootleg Rascal - 'All About You' (Ft. Saint Lane)

East Coast favourites Bootleg Rascal are back with their first release of the year ‘All About You’ (Ft. Saint Lane). In classic Bootleg Rascal style, this track is an intoxicating mix of psych rock, electronica and hip hop. As the first song entirely produced by Carlos Lara and Jimmy Young, ‘All About You’ sees the duo take a more hands on approach in their creative process. This track pairs groovy basslines with 90’s rnb-inspired vocals, topping things off with a clean verse from Gold Coast artist Saint Lane. Carlos Lara shared, “The song itself is about love in the modern era, and how technology plays an integral role into shaping our behaviours and the way we interact with one another.”

If you're seeing me around can I kick it with you?/

Get a ticket with you? Dream it bigger with you?/

If you hear this song around you think it's all about you/

It might even be true

For Fans Of: Sticky Fingers, Great Gable, Lime Cordiale

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Spirit Bunny - 'Natsukashii'

Brisbane grit hop group Spirit Bunny have proved themselves to be an unstoppable creative force with their second LP Uncanny Valley. Spirit Bunny use experimental effects and repurposed instruments to create dark, surrealist and unique soundscapes you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. The band explore this further on Uncanny Valley with tracks like ‘Natsukashii’. With buzzing synths, skittering drums beats and distinctive vocals, ‘Natsukashii’ is a stand out track with a pop element that keeps it replaying in your head. We highly recommend you take a deep dive into Spirit Bunny's world by giving the full LP a listen.

And the deepest of blues/

Are welcomed into the room/

And the coldest of greys/

Are here to stay

For Fans Of: Death Grips, Xiu Xiu, Flying Lotus

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Dolce Blue - 'Dream Catcher'

Perth band Dolce Blue are sweeping us away into a winter daydream with their latest track ‘Dream Catcher’. This four-piece band have gone from strength to strength since their debut in 2018. Dolce Blue have dropped ‘Summerwave’ and ‘Dream Catcher’ as the first tastes of their upcoming album. ‘Dream Catcher’ is swirling with melancholic synths, dreamy guitar riffs and hazy vocals. Despite its breezy atmosphere, this track unpacks the anxieties that worm themselves into our daily lives.

The band shared, “It's about living with all the things that bother you, things keeping you up at night, shitty people not being accountable for their actions. For the most part you can forget about it, run away, distract yourself, but all it takes is for your parents to call you up to say they saw your ex while you’re on your way to an exam, or that one asshole shows up at a gig, and now you can’t shake it…”

The hardest part of leaving is you drove me away/

It’s easy to forget about til’ someone says your name/

I can't fall asleep and you just can't wake up/

Both lies or apologies can't undo what you've done

For Fans Of: Mac Demarco, Spacey Jane, Pond

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Andy Martin - 'I'm Used To This'

Andy Martin has made our week with his second release of the year ‘I’m Used To This’. Andy Martin wears his heart on his sleeve with everything he creates, and this new track is no exception. 'I'm Used To This' is uplifting, powerful, laid-back and

personal all at the same time. With a voice like his, Andy Martin has no need for fancy effects. His earnest songwriting and stripped back guitar is more than enough to warm our hearts. Martin has been busy on a regional tour to promote his new track, we can't wait to see some more live shows from him soon!

There's no right way to say I hate the way you push away everything/

I'm used to this/

There's no right way to say your love is wasted on mine

For Fans Of: Sam Fender, Fergus James, Gang of Youths

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Pirra - 'Never Apart'

If you feel like having a boogie at home like nobody's watching, Pirra have got you covered. Their latest release ‘Never Apart’ is a feel-good techno track bursting with bright synths and optimistic lyrics. Written about spiritual connection when physical connection isn’t possible, this track is the dose of escapism we need right now.

Guitarist and synth player James McKendry shared, "The lyrics are vaguely about feeling connected to somebody, no matter the distance, but I wanted to make a melody that felt easy to sing along to and that people could find their own meaning to."

To experience Pirra's positive energy live and in person, you can grab tickets to their upcoming September gigs here.

For Fans Of: Pnau, Northeast Party House, RÜFÜS DU SOL

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Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers - 'AHHHH!'

Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers have come through with the perfect excuse to unload our rage. If you can't tell by the title, their new track ‘AHHHH!’ is unapologetic, gritty and glorious. This all-female Canberra band have been turning heads for a reason, never failing to deliver authentic garage punk. This track captures the heavy feeling when you take off the rose coloured glasses to realise things will never be the way you want them to be.

The band shared, “‘AHHHH!’ is loosely about navigating a relationship with someone you have known for a long time but their character changes. You find yourself making excuses for them and forgiving them when the answer is clear that sometimes you just need to ditch and move the heck on!”

If there’s anyone who can convince us to burn our bridges, it’s Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers. For our Brisbane friends, you can catch these ladies perform alongside a stellar lineup for free at Bris Day Out on August 11th.

You could be rich/

I could be yours/

But these are just things/

That you can't afford/

Iron out my bones flat/

Cut my nails back 'til I'm sore

For Fans Of: Teenage Joans, WAAX, Moaning Lisa

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