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LivewireAU's Six Pack: The Latest and Greatest Releases

It’s that time again! In this week’s bag of goodies, we’ve got some new releases from Australia’s most exciting up and coming artists. From dreamy folk to alt-pop, here’s your chance to say you heard it first!

Pinkish Blu - 'Backward'

Following up on their 2020 EP there's no such thing as good people, Adelaide rockers Pinkish Blu have dropped their new single ‘Backwards’. This track combines sharp guitar hooks, edgy synths and driving percussion for an alt-pop banger you can dance or cry to. Pinkish Blu’s trademark sound features wistful lyrics with the perfect amount of sonic distortion. 'Backwards' talks of clinging onto an ill-fated relationship in fear of being alone. This track will have you feeling nostalgic for your 2000’s emo phase in the most tasteful way possible.

Cause I’m a little lost and I’m a little numb/

And you're a damn mess when you think for too long/

Say it doesn’t matter as we let each other wallow/

At least we’re not alone

For Fans Of: Owl City, The 1975 and Twenty-One Pilots

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Grids and Dots - 'City Skies'

Sydney noise project Grids & Dots have released their new single ‘City Skies’, giving us a glimpse into the ups and downs of their busy inner-city lives. Grids & Dots have managed to perfectly balance the “juxtaposition of heartsick lyrics with a jubilant, uptempo accompaniment”. Dreamy synths and reverb-drenched guitar contrast with lovesick lyrics to create an underlying sense of melancholy. This heavily shoegaze-inspired track is swirling with dreamy harmonies and romance.

City sky was like a maze to me/

It's confusing and I do not see through the misty coloured everyday/

There’s nobody to break my heart/

So there's nowhere to fall apart the same way

For Fans Of: Yo La Tengo, Slowdive and Real Estate

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Maple Glider - Good Things'

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Maple Glider has followed up her debut single with her brand new track ‘Good Things’. Opening with gentle acoustic guitar plucking, Glider’s velvety folk vocals are utterly striking. Glider’s pain simmers to the surface for an emotional chorus with the addition of intimate percussion and piano. Maple Glider shared, “I wrote it out of a place of defeat. I was really heartbroken at this point, and very confused.” She shares deeply personal confessions about coming to terms with her decision to leave somebody she loves before things deteriorate further. Maple Glider is a welcomed addition to the Australian folk scene and we’re incredibly excited to see where she takes things from here.

But I guess that's how we learn/

By setting fire to things that bring us life/

Before we've got to watch them burn/

And so I'll say goodbye/

Because I'd rather kill a good thing/

Than wait for it to die

For Fans Of: Angie McMahon, Mimi Gilbert and Stella Donnelly

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daste. - 'here with me (feat. DVNA)

‘here with me’ is the latest lo-fi r&b drop from Gold Coast trio daste., featuring the talented DVNA. This chilled out track features smooth vocals, laid-back beats and mellow guitars. DVNA, with vocals strikingly similar to Mahalia, brings her intoxicating feminine energy to this track. Tyler Harden (of daste.) shared, “here with me’ is about wanting to hold somebody close and forgetting about all of the other problems in life, because when you’re together you are the strongest.” As per daste.’s recommendation, this one is ‘best enjoyed with the lights dimmed’.

For Fans Of: Tora, Leisure and Parcels

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Lily Papas - 'Freak'

Lily Papas is radiating boss woman energy in her latest track ‘Freak’. With strong vocals and unapologetic lyrics, this is sure to be a winner with Lana Del Rey lovers. Papas has no problem going for the big notes, reaching them with ease and confidence. Papas is making us feel mesmerised and intimidated at the same time, and we love it! Add 'Freak' to your playlist ASAP and feel like a bad-ass this weekend.

Said you want me to fall in love /

Cause you can’t get enough of what I got /

This is your anthem, I want you to dance now/

Tell me you’re a freak, oh tell me you’re a freak like me

For Fans Of: Florence & The Machine , Lana Del Rey and London Grammar

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Pipin - 'Tunnel Vision'

This one is for the people pleasers who find themselves exhausted after burning the candle at both ends. Pipin's latest release 'Tunnel Vision' is a dreamy electro-pop number glittering with lofty vocals and lush synths. Pipin’s introspective wisdom is incredibly comforting as she reminds us to take a step back and prioritise self-care. Written after a stressful week, Pipin shared “This song is all about losing yourself to work, to another person, to obligations, to commitments and only realising a little too late that you’ve pushed your boundaries a bit too far again”. Check out the 'Tunnel Vision' music video to be transported into Pipin’s wonderfully quirky world .

Systems caving in/

Undress the shame/

That you should be doing something today/

Existence lasts/

Without that weight on your back

For Fans Of: Vera Blue, Mallrat and Clea

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