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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Top Local Tracks To Have You Boogying Into The Weekend

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

There’s no shortage of local talent within the Australian music scene, and this week is an absolute pearla for fresh new releases. Fridays are always fun, the next few days of activities just within your grasp… so here’s six tunes to coast you through the day and into the weekend. 

Golden Vessel - that’s us

Golden boi Golden Vessel is back again with his third single of the year ‘that’s us’. Never one to disappoint and always coming through with the top-tier production, this track is upbeat yet chill, zestful and simultaneously cruisy. Joining Vessel’s signature deep vocals on the collaboration is Rei so La and The Nicholas who both bring their individual twist and take the song to new heights. 

FELIVAND - Midsummer Sun

Influenced by the likes of Jorja Smith and Solange is FELIVAND, a 20 year-old producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and talented visionary. 'Midsummer Sun' is the ultimate soulful song for a sensual Spring day and is sure to become a heavy rotation amongst my playlists. Bask in the warm vocals and silky R'n'B sounds that 'Midsummer Sun' has to offer. 

Barley Passable - Whether Or Not

Inspired by the sounds of French disco and new wave Euro-pop is Barley Passable. Their new tune 'Whether Or Not' encapsulates their signature sound and vocals and SLAMS it together with techy synths and a bassline that is extremely struttable. A very funky tune that is sure to get you fired up for the day and dancing along in the kitchen if played in the morning, or itching in your seat to get up and go if played sitting at your office desk. 

Future Strangers - Moments

'Moments' is a soft indie-pop ballad that makes for very easy listening. Layered vocals and harmonies give this song a dream-like quality that encapsulates a pure essence of emotion and feeling. Each individual part of the song seems quite simple - the gentle acoustic guitar and drums paired with quiet melodies, but when everything is put together the song really comes together. Definitely one to add to your chill rainy afternoon playlist.

Runya - Golden Hour

Runya (short for runyararo, meaning peace or quietness) has released his new single this week ‘Golden Hour’. Taking inspiration from his Zimbabwean roots, this track is an electro-soul, gospel inspired anthem that is packed with textured harmonies, uplifting progressions and retro synths. The aptly titled ‘Golden Hour’ transports the listener to a place of solitude, basking in a blissful afternoon sun. 

Aeora - Breathe

Featuring eerie electronic production and stunning vocals, 'Breathe' captures the raw emotion and intense energy that Aeora brings to her music. The song has strong Lorde/Banks-esque vibes and is all at once emotive, dark and powerful. This woman is one to look out for!

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