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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Your Weekend Rev-Up

Whether you’re putting your feet up with a glass of bubbly, or cracking one open with mates, we have the new music lineup ready to make this weekend extra special. So sit back, get moving or do whatever tickles your fancy because it’s time to hear some #ausmusic goodness.

Lucy Francesca Dron - 'Liquid Numbing Pain'

Beautifully bare, delightfully devastating and powerfully painful; Lucy Francesca Dron’s gut-wrenching new single ‘Liquid Numbing Pain’ is not for the faint of heart.

“This track is a raw and honest retelling of my own experience of intense heartbreak and loss.”

As an extra treat, ‘Liquid Numbing Pain’ comes with the perfect video accompaniment, produced by Phoebe Faye & Johnathan Oldham. Following Lucy as she moves through stages of grief and heartbreak within the song, the revealing visuals only add to an already powerful track.

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JXCKY - ‘System’

Starting it off with a dark-pop track to get you up and on your feet is JXCKY’s ‘System’, laced with a pulsating bassline, primal lyricism and infectious atypical guitar melodies. His first release of the year following his 2020 debut, Melbourne pop artist JXCKY is embracing his darker side with this track, desperate to be free from a past relationship and find himself again. JXCKY further explains:

“System marks the first time I’m dipping into that sinister, darker side of pop-rock. The track accentuates a growing desperation for closure and the need to cleanse one’s body free from that tight, lethal grip.”

Just the start of more to come from in 2021, ‘System’ has JXCKY moving in the right direction and has gifted us with a weekend banger. So turn it up, hit repeat and let’s dance.

For Fans Of: Billie Eilish, UPSAHL, ASHWARYA

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Carla B & the Magpies - ‘It Will Be Better’

If you’re on the hunt for that special someone this weekend, you might relate to this quirky, upbeat debut single by Sydney-based indie-folk band Carla B & the Magpies. Written as a statement on modern dating in the digital age, ‘It Will Be Better’ features punk-rock elements with leading girl and guy vocals singing about the frustrations of hooking up in the modern era. The band’s songwriter and lead singer Carla says:

“Meeting someone nowadays has become almost like a job - I figured I can’t be alone in my frustrations. I wrote this song almost as an anthem for everyone out there swiping; I see you. And maybe things will get better.”

Making a strong first impression, ‘It Will Be Better’ is the first track from Carla B & the Magpies’ upcoming EP due for release later this year, celebrating the five-piece’s knack for endearing melodies, no-nonsense lyricism and begrudging optimism.

For Fans Of: Middle Kids, Jenny Lewis, The Mynabirds

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Tijuana Cartel - ‘Over and Over’

Heating things up a bit with this toasty groove is new single ‘Over and Over’ from Tijuana Cartel. The four-piece formed on the Gold Coast in the 90’s and have made a global name for themselves, known for their deep electronic foundations, multi-layered grooves and heavy breakbeat influences. Continuing their legacy, fresh track ‘Over and Over’ simmers with an unquenching energy that leaves the soles of your feet hot and the roof of your mouth dry. Tijuana Cartel bring us into their electronic world with an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern psychedelia, mesmerising vocal hooks and an enveloping Flamenco-style guitar breakdown, making this song one to be played over and over… and over…

For Fans Of: Ash Grunwald, Josh Dukie, Swimwear

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SMALLS - ‘What You Got’

Next up is the perfect soundtrack for your getting ready montage, a sunshine-filled single from Sydney based bedroom pop/rock artist SMALLS. ‘What You Got’ is bubbling with pop guitar riffs and colourful melodies, clearly influenced by The 1975’s breakout era. An easygoing track, ‘What You Got’ calls for friendship and fun, coupled with intriguing vocals and bright harmonies. Seeing as SMALLS was born out of a bedroom side hustle, it’s no surprise that his latest single makes for a show stopping hairbrush recital.

For Fans Of: The 1975, Japanese Wallpaper, LANY

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Olive Amun - 'Bad Dreams'

The latest from Melbourne’s Olive Amun is slick, enthralling and dreamy, tied neatly together with his distinctive alt rap/pop style. His latest single following recent release ‘Blues’ earlier this year, ‘Bad Dreams’ captured everything pouring out of Olive Amun while in the studio, including his effortless flow from honeyed vocals to rap, interwoven with memorable hooks and irresistible charm. A song about losing control and struggling to let go, the chaotic undertone within 'Bad Dreams' can be felt in the differentiation of verse and chorus, reminiscent of reflecting on a crazy couple of days. With two winning singles out already this year, we're keeping an eye on Olive Amun to see what else he has in store.

For Fans Of: Dominic Fike, Mac Miller, Oliver Malcolm

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