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LivewireAU’s Sixpack: These Creative Tunes Are Redefining Their Genres!

Graphic Credit: Lauren Clarke

With an influx of creativity emerging from the Australian scene this year, it is becoming harder and harder to stand out among the rest! However, with an equal amount of creativity comes the reinvention of genre, the expulsion of boundaries, and artists becoming comfortable in both constructing and sharing their own sound. This week, we have gathered some tracks that are not only personal feats of craftsmanship, but go beyond the creative bounds previously set before them, making for some fun and creative tunes! Be sure to check them out!

RedHook- ‘Sentimental Surgery’.

Earlier this year, RedHook dominated our ears with their knockout, debut EP, ‘Bad Decisions’, filled to the brim with angst, emotion and passion. With only a swift recovery period, the band is back for round two in the form of their latest single, ‘Sentimental Surgery’. Driven by circumstance but fuelled by artistry, this track explores RedHook’s unmatched duality and impeccable adaptability that allows them to flawlessly intertwine and thrive within genres as they please. ‘Sentimental Surgery’ leads us down the band’s most pop-inspired path. Despite this, there is still an overwhelming influence of pop-rock and modern emo, culminating into the sweet and inviting sound of ‘Sentimental Surgery’. Lead by Emmy Mack’s instantly recognisable vocals that demand your attention with a genuine connection and drive, this buzzing track strolls through RedHook’s clever and refreshing lyricism, each of which tells a story with conviction and skill. This time, we’re taken through a juxtaposing maze of the woes of lockdown and reconnecting with feelings, all bundled up into this fast-paced, energy-infused track!

“'Sentimental Surgery' is a punk party anthem inspired by the shared woes of lockdown (& feeling like a total cliche for writing a song about the shared woes of lockdown). Given what we’ve all been going through these past 18 months, I found it really difficult to write a song about any other topic. So instead of trying to, I decided to embrace the cliche and create a piece of music that expressed those sad feels, but also flipped them in a way that hopefully cheers people up, puts a smile on their face and makes them want to dance." explains Emmy Mack.

For fans of: Stand Atlantic, FANGZ, The Dead Love

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Fergus James- ‘Slow Separation’

Laced with feeling from the moment Fergus James opens his mouth, ‘Slow Separation’ is an emotionally jarring, spacious track that leaves room for thought, reflection, and consideration. Co-written with Gordi, this song shines the spotlight on good writing and its ability to form an unbreakable connection with the audience.

‘Slow Separation’ is “a story of detachment from people, places, and the person I thought I was. ‘Slow Separation’ is a personal recollection of all the components that shaped me, and my growth away from them”.

As the track progresses, so to do the vocals fluctuate. Branching from James’s consistent and delicate vocals, ‘Slow Separation’ marks his first time utilizing vocal manipulation, which in turn has created a haunting and alienating soundscape- a place that fosters such an emotional song. Compared to his other latest releases, this track not only puts new skills under the spotlight, but shifts the tone, articulating not merely the strength of his artistry, but the many facets of Fergus James’s craft!

For fans of: Bon Iver, Gordi, Imogen Heap

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Miiesha- ‘Price I Paid’

In another step towards her journey of revitalizing the Australian R&B scene, Miiesha has delivered a melancholic but equally charged anthem that utilizes the power of the genre to share her own personal story. Coming as the third single from her upcoming two-part EP project, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, ‘Price I Paid’ depicts an intriguing insight into the body of work surrounding family, healing and reflection- this time, taking a closer look at the notion of healing and the regeneration of trust. Through an ethereal vocal performance, Miiesha carries a fragility and vulnerability that captures the truth within her storytelling and the lingering pains that surround giving love, but receiving more hurt. Formulated into a sound that compliments her voice perfectly, the soft beats and echoing layers within ‘Price I Paid’ not merely show how Miiesha is adapting the genre to become a vessel for knowledge, but begins to show that when done correctly, the smallest of elements can make the largest difference. ‘Price I Paid’ is a captivating listen!

For fans of: Thelma Plum, Tash Sultana, Ocean Alley

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Budjerah- ‘Talk’ (featuring MAY-A)

Joyful, fun, and beautifully complimentary, ‘Talk’ sees Budjerah and MAY-A synchronize to create a showstopping feat of both their incredible talents, coming together to create an inspiring auditory experience. In true form of the title, ‘Talk’ explores the truth of our time and the importance of real communication. From texts becoming misinterpreted, to the little white lies that hide behind a screen, ‘Talk’ airs all the dirty laundry to instead shift the focus to wonder what would happen if we really just talked.

"Talk came about from a conversation with MAY-A [where] we were just talking about how a lot of people would rather text than call. It’s inspired by the fact that a lot of problems in our lives could be solved by talking openly and honestly, face-to-face, instead of hiding behind screens or lying.”

With smooth instrumentals that underpin the soulful and bright twist Budjerah holds upon modern R&B, ‘Talk’ is not merely an exciting new take on the genre, but is a track that sees two artists completely connect, have fun, and bloom in their artistry- which makes listening to it all the better.

For fans of: Matt Corby, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Azure Ryder

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Samuel Fudge- ‘Fool Feeling’

Formerly a member of electronic group FIVŸ and still a member of The BattleCat, Samuel Fudge has reached another milestone in the form of his debut single, ‘Fool Feeling’. Mixing the traits of house music with delicate pop vocals and melodies, Fudge takes a new approach to the ever-changing genre of electronic music. In turn, his debut, ‘Fool Feeling’ harnesses an undeniable groove and is sure to wriggle its way into your head seconds within pressing play! For this track, JSLYN’s bouncy and vibrant vocals take the stage, leading the track with an energetic edge. Situated around an environment in which Fudge holds so much control over, not a moment feels out of place in this anthemic discussion of love, heartbreak, and relationships. With exciting twists and turns, Samuel utilizes spirited synths, rolling basslines, and an unpredictable fluctuation of layers to create the backbone of this unpredictable and fun tune!

“Fool Feeling is a very special record to me, this feels like the most authentic representation of myself and an ode to the sounds and artists that have inspired my passion for music, it's an equal representation of my love for pop and electronic music"

Energetic and exciting, ‘Fool Feeling’ shows the beauty of blending, creating a refreshing single from experimentation. This debut single is sure to have you dancing!

For fans of: Hayden James, Flight Facilities, Disclosure

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Dominic Breen- ‘Real Hard Week’

In one final statement before the release of his debut album, ‘Blue Volume’, ‘Real Hard Week’ asserts Dominic Breen’s thoughtful songwriting and craftsmanship- elements that are sure to be overflowing within the upcoming album. With impassioned vocals, this track holds the weight of Breen’s assured and genuine emotional load, creating not only a connection but an undeniable sense of truth to the song. It’s heavy, but equally uplifting thanks to its vibrant guitars and solemn vocal performance. This harsh dynamic between the melancholic and uplifting creates a comforting coexistence of the two, creating a sense of warmth, comfort, and even escapism within its high, echoing walls.

“Real Hard Week'' was the first song we recorded for 'Blue Volume'. I wanted it to be epic, like the pivotal song in a musical, like a Sondheim classic or something. I initially thought it would be a duet and I was using the word 'Disney' in the studio to convey what I was trying to say, like, 'let's make it more Disney'. But then I realised that the sentiments were truly one-way sentiments, and that in this case, the conclusion at the end of the song could only be my own."

Grand, bold and unique, ‘Real Hard Week’ is a listening experience that not only shows you emotions, but asks you to feel emotions too!

For fans of: Matt Corby, Middle Kids, Ball Park Music

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