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LivewireAu Six Pack: From Feels To Freedom

The Bloom - Fall Into Me

‘Fall Into Me’ by Fremantle’s The Bloom (solo project of Luke Kordyl) captures the excitement and optimism of the beginnings of new love, that stage where you’re still trying to gauge how the other person feels and everything feels like an adventure. The production is huge and warm, with rich layered guitars and harmonies that will fill out the corners of your mind with dreamy vibes. The track calls to mind the 90s alt rock era when Counting Crows and Everclear frequented the airwaves, bands that had a penchant for the oh-so-simple-but-oh-so-good repetition of chords I & IV.

For fans of: Everclear, Counting Crows, Bombay Bicycle Club

Little Quirks - Caught In June

The Central Coast powerhouse that is Little Quirks are known for taking whimsical folk characteristics and making them feel as epic as glam rock, with an energetic and mesmerising live show that you’ve got to see if you get the chance. Their latest single ‘Caught In June’ is perhaps on the more melancholy side of their discography, but it absolutely delivers on their signature epic nature as the song builds to a cathartic ending, with huge harmonies built for crowds to sing and sway along to. This tune laments the complex feelings around prematurely ending a relationship, and the feeling of being stuck in lingering attachment. The vocals are raw and full of feeling, with a tone that reminds me of the late Dolores O’Riordan.

For fans of: The Cranberries, Boy Genius, R.E.M

Sadie Mustoe - Power In This World

Award-winning singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sadie Mustoe from Naarm has been making waves in the Aussie folk scene since she was smol, and has recently taken on the world of TikTok with great success. Her latest single ‘Power In This World’ is for the fantasy fans, inspired by the book ‘Iron Flame’ by Rebecca Yarros. It blew up on TikTok before it was recorded in the studio, and it’s now available on streaming platforms. With Celtic, folk, pop and classical influences, this track features sweeping strings, an immaculate vocal performance reminiscent of Sarh Bareilles, and huge stacks of harmonies. The arrangement ebbs and flows with powerful use of dynamics, and will make you feel like you’re a dragon rider navigating love with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

For fans of: Sara Bareilles, The Maes

Pipin - Stars

Meanjin’s pop queen Pipin is back with her latest single ‘Stars’, a mood-boosting dance-inducing bop for your weekend playlist. The production is satisfyingly spacey and sparkly to match the song’s title, and the song builds and retreats between paired back verses that withhold the bass frequencies and drums, to the choruses that hit hard with a pumping four-on-the-floor. Garnished with catchy pentatonic string melodies and a sassy spoken-word outro, ‘Stars’ is the perfect addition to the library of any Madonna or Sophie Ellis-Bextor fans. If you’re after a tune to help you find the bright side and feel yourself a little more, look no further.

For fans of: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Madonna

Dizzy Days - Holding On

‘Holding On’ is the third single from Meanjin’s Dizzy Days, and probably my favourite one from them so far. Continuing with the disco-pop vibes, I can hear influence for the guitar lines from Parcels, and the bass and drums ideas call to mind Foster The People. The bridge and chorus melodies are both massive ear-worms, and the production from Sam Woods is crisp and full. ‘Holding On’ is a vent about the struggle of trying to help someone who won’t help themselves, on a funked-up backdrop - perfect to dance away the frustration of your situation.

For fans of: Foster The People, Parcels

BallyClaire - Alive

‘Alive’ is the self-produced debut from BallyClaire (formerly known as/releasing under Nicole McKinney). This song feels so organic and cathartic - it makes me want to bin my phone + devices, go out bush and start a new life off-grid. The production has influence from Bon Iver, and the indie/folk songwriting roots call to mind artists like Tay Oskee and The Maes. There’s something so charming about the swung pocket of the song, which is complemented well by the use of banjo and flute. The vocals are raw and full of a sense of release. For the optimal listening experience, I recommend finding a secluded spot somewhere up high, making a cup of chai, and watching the sunset.

For Fans of: Bon Iver, Tay Oskee



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