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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: Another Week Of Outstanding Tunes

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Whether we’ve finally settled into the new year or not, one thing is certain- the music certainly has! Week after week, we are being met with more sensational songs to soundtrack our chaotic, challenging and oddly beautiful times. This week is no exception, offering us an array of emotional belters, hard-hitting riffs, and instant ear worms.

Annie Hamilton- ‘Night Off’

Beautifully melancholic, Annie Hamilton’s latest release, ‘Night Off’ sees the artist pour her soul into her craft, once again developing an emotive anthem for the ages. Restrained with intention, the track fosters a beauty within the simplicity, allowing Hamilton’s unique, delicate and expressive voice to shine at the forefront of the single. Powerful in its own right, Annie’s vocals soar throughout the song, and much like its shimmering discussion of crushes and all consuming instability, ‘Night Off’ becomes the perfect soundtrack for our own dreamy nights.

For fans of: CLEWS, Hayley Mary, Asha Jefferies

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Haliday- ‘Head Rest’ (featuring Tahlia Borg of Teenage Joans)

In just his second single, Halidy has multiplied his strength by two, teaming up with Tahlia Borg of Teenage Joans to create ‘Head Rest’- a feat of relentless creativity and perfect partnership. Punchy guitars are immersive and energetic, making the song exciting and fresh from the very first note. Haliday’s vocals are deep and emotive, and when met with Thalia’s, create a beautifully juxtaposed battle between the anguishing and the delicate. Both of these voices reach their peak alongside extreme and layered guitars, capturing an auditory representation of this track’s discussion of relentlessness and overthinking.

For fans of: Pinkish Blu, TOWNS, Choosing Sides

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Maddy Jane- ‘It’s A Lot’

Maddy Jane always radiates a different kind of energy… a swarming positivity that surrounds the listener regardless of the world around them. With all her honesty and craftsmanship, Jane has created a cathartic anthem for self empowerment, betterment, and change titled ‘It’s A Lot’. Throughout the track is an unmissable warmth that radiates from the instrumentals, a feeling of which is only enhanced by the singer’s quirky yet well-seasoned vocals. With each release, Maddt Jane continues to develop; not merely within her signature sound, but within her own identity as one of Australia’s most unique, honest, and open acts.

For fans of: Carla Geneve, Tia Gostelow, Hope D

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Wicked Things- ‘Luci’

Our favourite old school icons are raising hell again, this time in the outlandish anthem ‘Luci’. From the opening moment, Wicked Things command your attention with irresistibly intrusive drums and guitar. The band holds such a special connection between their instruments, built from the skill and practice of their craft, that allows them to become their own entities in the song- a new vessel to transport the listener elsewhere. A huge sweeping chorus takes the floor- one that could easily command a stadium setting! The vocal performance once again sees the band flash their never ending array of skills, with high notes reaching further than we could ever imagine. ‘Luci’ never has a dull moment, and once again embodies Wicked Things’ perfected style of nostalgia and personal identity.

For fans of: The Crookeds, FANGZ, RedHook

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Velvet Bloom- ‘Glimmer’

Ambient and shimmering, Velvet Bloom’s latest single ‘Glimmer’ is a shining hit for the band! ‘Glimmer’ is an auditory experience that builds off the soulful and relaxed atmosphere the band has created. It is an inviting piece of work that allows you into the calmness of the world Velvet Bloom has created. As the track progresses, so too do the layers build, allowing glimpses of wilder guitar and a more strained vocal performance to shine through. Velvet Bloom showcase the many facets of their composition, and with never a dull moment of ‘Glimmer’, we can’t imagine what their upcoming EP will be like!

For fans of: Teenage Dads, The Grogans, Bones and Jones

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NECTAR- ‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)’

Taking a break from the world has never been so easy thanks to NECTAR’s new track, ‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work). Laced with escapism, NECTAR blur the lines between reality and auditory bliss thanks to their clever composition that is subtle yet pronounced. Smooth like honey and sweet like nectar, the band’s vocals always deliver a performance that is so easy to get lost in, and this track is no exception. Perhaps most central to ‘Waiting On The World’ is its energy-centred nature, endeavouring to create an environment that perfectly reflects the state of the track, and capturing its feelings to perfectly recount upon every listen.

For fans of: King Blue, Highline, Supathick

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