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Lola Scott & Mel Blue Unite For ‘I Wanted To Call Her But I'm Tragic And She's Overseas...'

We’ve been looking for a groovy new track to add to our playlists and we’ve found it. Sydney-based, indie-pop star, Lola Scott, returns with a brand new single in ‘I Wanted To Call Her But I'm Tragic And She's Overseas (8 months)’ Feat. Mel Blue. With her authentic lyricism and comforting vocals, Scott returns to the Australian music scene with a track full of retro charm about wistful relationships.

“After a billion d n m’s & songs written about my life this session we delved into Oscar’s (Mel Blue) love life & drew inspiration from his experience in a long distant relationship,” Scott explained. “We talked about how we’d both get into relationships even if logically they were unlikely to work out. All the different little things you could do to try to make something work but in the end you are either on opposite sides of the world or from my perspective just dating someone who is from an alternate universe.”

Tight percussion demands your attention and all throughout the track, the smooth beats and airy vibe keep the rhythm flowing whilst emphasising the introspective lyricism. Altogether, the track sounds like a smooth indie-pop reimagining of an old school Mario game. It’s engaging, tighly produced and a lighthearted contrast to the song’s melancholic lyrics.

Oscar Sharah (the vocalist of Mel Blue) sings alongside Scott on the track. Here, Sharah’s voice moves between a husky quietness and a warm (almost conversational) tone as his vocals thread themselves around Scott’s. Scott’s voice is also in top form on the song. It has everything that her fans love and respect. It’s fluid and has a casual tone that sounds as if Scott is singing to the listener as a friend.

‘I Wanted To Call Her But I'm Tragic And She's Overseas (8 months)’ Feat. Mel Blue is a track perfect for that long drive where you mind starts reminiscing on the past. ‘We spend more time apart,’ Scott and Sharah proclaim on the track. However, we’re not interested in parting ways with this smooth bop.

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