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'London's Calling' In Tyne-James Organ's New Single

Photo credit: Jack Shepherd

Tyne-James Organ is someone who knows exactly how to tug at the heartstrings. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has been making a name for himself through raw, passionate rock songs that speak to our souls. His new single 'London's Calling' is a powerful slow burner in which Organ displays his deepest vulnerabilities. It's a sentimental ode to those times when you're just so overwhelmed with emotion you don't know what to say. "I wrote 'London’s Calling' early 2019 with one of my best mates Luke Rundle," said Organ. "It’s about the day I found out an old friend was moving back to London. There’d been a gap of conversation for a good 18 months. So much I wanted to say, but didn't have the words. The day I got the message it all just fell out of me. It’s not about changing what is, or what could have been but just looking back at all the good that it was. I think we naturally forget about the good times within relationships after they’re over, and only focus on the end. Yes, it sucks but it happens. We live and we learn from it. I still haven’t sent that message I thought I would’ve but I guess this is it."

'London's Calling' is the latest cut from Organ's upcoming debut album Necessary Evil, due for release on 21 May. It will also feature the previously released singles 'Graceful', 'Hold Me Back', 'Not Ready for Love' and 'Sunday Suit'. The album was recorded last year with his longtime friend and collaborator Chris Collins (Gang of Youths, Middle Kids, Skeggs, Ruby Fields) in his studio in Stokers Siding in the NSW Hinterlands, although the final touches of 'London's Calling' were put together in Byron. Necessary Evil is the product of years of hard work, beginning with 'Graceful' which released in 2018 and also featured on his debut EP Persevere. Having already amassed a strong following with his early releases, Organ will be looking to take that next big step in his career with this new album. He's also embarking on a huge national tour throughout June and early July in support of the album, featuring special guests Hayley Mary, Dulcie and Carla Wehbe. It's a chance to catch the raw emotion and intimacy of Tyne-James Organ's music in the flesh, which is not an experience to be missed.

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Tyne-James Organ - Necessary Evil Tour

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