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Loretta’s Latest Single Should Be Played ‘Late Night’ & Everyday

Every now and again you’ll come across a rising group who releases a track that you know straight away will be a hit. The world of indie pop is no stranger to crossover tracks, and Sydney-based indie pop band, Loretta, have delivered a brand new single, ‘Late Night’, that could easily appear on the mainstream charts.

“‘Late Night’ recalls the events of the first 24 hours after you meet someone you’re completely infatuated with, a day in the life of any 20-something,” the group explains of the inspiration behind the track. “Ellis [Hall] brought in the initial idea ... after being inspired by a conversation he’d had with a friend.”

‘Late Night’ is a pop anthem that is meant to be blasted on the dance floor. The song’s production is filled with feel-good beats and bright sounds which resonate with the listener. The key to any great pop song is a killer beat that’ll hook even the most stoic of listeners. ‘Late Night’ is one of those songs and will have you conjuring up images of you and your crush running around the streets of Sydney late at night. The track itself is elevated by the vocals of Ellis Hall. Hall’s voice was meant for pop music. It slides effortlessly into the heads of listeners, perfectly flowing between a fullness and an airiness in the track’s chorus. Also, with its infectious, slightly boy band-esque tone that’ll remind you of many of pop’s greatest male singers, it hints at the potential for immense versatility.

Loretta have not only knocked it out of the park with ‘Late Night’, but they’ve also shown that they are a group with a solid career ahead of them. We can easily see them conquering the indie charts, but if you were a time traveller who told us that Loretta will become a leading force in Australian indie pop with crossover success, we’d believe you.

Loretta 'Late Night' Single Launch 2021

Tickets here

Saturday, 8th May

Narrabeen RSL, Narrabeen

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