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Lucy Francesca Dron 'Questions' Her World

Brisbane mesmer Lucy Francesca Dron has revealed her enrapturing debut single 'Questions.' Its Husky vocals deliver a time-worn vibe that is perfectly served by its weighty post rock streaks. We are immediately entranced by Dron's overwrought chorus evoking an emotional vortex that complements rather than overpowers her cathartic lyricism. “I wrote Questions when I was 16 and in a particularly dark place in my life. I was questioning what was going on in my mind, the world around me, my personal life and reality. Questioning things so much drove me to feeling really mentally unstable and the song reflects that,” shares Dron.

With just her first release its clear that Lucy Francesca Dron has much to say musicically. We can only look forward to the questions that she will answer in the future. Listen to 'Questions' below

Check out the acoustic videos we did with Lucy Francesca Dron Here

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