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Maple Glider Oozes Greatness on Debut Release 'As Tradition'

Need a glorious track full of haunting melodies and thick, sweet vocals?

‘As Tradition’ is the song for you.

Maple Glider is the solo project of vocalist Tori Zietsch, and ‘As Tradition’ is the first official single release to come out from the artist. However, the Melbournian local still has tonnes of Soundcloud demos lamenting lost love and travel that were born in Brighton, UK… so this release is just the beginning of what appears to be a steadfast artistic career for Zietsch.

‘As Tradition’ is easy listening to the max and the perfect add to any ‘chill vibezzz’ playlists; however, it deals with some kinda dark topics lyrically. It’s a complete oxymoron of a song - luring you in with sweet, ethereal vocals that then start to discuss how ones self can be compromised at the whim of someone else’s wants.

‘I can be soft, when I am disarmed/ I can be just what you want’- ‘As Tradition’ tells a tale as old as time of bending to others expectations rather than breaking free of their constrictions. The lyrics tell of a surrendering of self to mould into the ‘perfect’ person- but that person isn't the same and carries too much compromise.

“I was raised from birth in quite a restrictive religious household. When I moved away from Australia and left the supportive community I have at home here in Melbourne, I realised that I hadn’t really processed a lot of the ways that I’d been affected by it. Going through my last break-up I could draw a lot of parallels between the feelings I’d had participating in the religion as I’d had in that particular relationship. I felt my identity kind of dissolve in order to appease what my partner at the time needed from me, and in a way, I began performing for the idea of love and acceptance instead of trusting my intuition. There was definitely a strong element of gaslighting in both situations and I guess writing the song was a way of coming to that understanding and forming a resolution to grow from those experiences.”

Vocally she carries hints of Angie McMahon and Gretta Ray, with clear musical influence from Tom Iansek of #1 Dads and Big Scary who helped produce and record the single. The minimalistic yet tasteful use of percussion, and the framing of Tori’s glowing vocals and stunning range as the centrepiece of the song are characteristic of Iansek's distinctive style which he now seems to be passing down to Zietsch to do with what she will. What she has done with it is absolutely mind-blowing.

The thick, oozy vocals coat the song like a dark chocolate- rich and dreamlike with a gorgeous vocal range. Thoughtful piano, discerning and well placed picks up the tempo with a teasing introduction of a base percussion. The song is perfect for emerging from a winter hibernation into a spring blossom.

The song is accompanied by a video Maple Glider made with her housemate Bridgette Winten, which was shot on Super 8 at home. It depicts what the song describes; Zietsch setting up for a party all alone, remaining alone, despite numerous attempts at festivity via balloons and costume changing.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled folks - I can guarantee that we will be hearing more gooey goodness from Maple Glider soon.

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