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Mariam Sawires Shows Us The ‘Meaning Of Our Love’ With Her New Single

Credit: Kobla Photography

You can never go wrong with a smooth RnB track. Former globetrotter but now based in Sydney, singer-songwriter, Mariam Sawires, has added an atmospheric track to her discography with her latest single ‘Meaning of Our Love’. Penned in a French castle back in 2018, Sawires takes the best of contemporary RnB and reinterprets it in her own way. It’s authentic and relaxing, the perfect song to vibe to at the end of the day.

"I was fascinated by the stories of people who had lived in the castle from the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s compared to now - stories of love and relationships that were innately similar to us today yet it was a different time. Ultimately I realised that the experience of love is unique for everyone but the essence is still very much the same - it envelops a deeper timeless spiritual realm," said Sawires.

Produced by Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I and Mallrat), the track uses thumping RnB beats and hand claps as the foundation of a keyboard note that fills the void carved out by the track’s soundscape. You’ll find yourself swaying to the song, completely lost in the twilight world that it conjures in the minds of listeners.

Vocally, Sawires has a youthful tone that allows her to stand out from other RnB acts. Unlike other RnB singers who melt their voices into their song’s soundscapes, Sawires uses her voice to float above the soundscape. It gives the track a distinct indie feel, a hint at what Sawires is capable of as an artist. At the same time, her voice/sound will remind you of acts such as SZA with glimpses of Victoria Monét. It should also be acknowledged that Sawires’s talents also extend into songwriting.

Lyrically, the track pulls listeners in as Sawires asks of her lover ‘what’s the meaning of our love for you?’ At various points in the song, Sawires bares her relationship to the listener, guiding them through all of her thoughts with an honesty that makes Sawires relatable and captivating. Specifically, when asked about the meaning of the song, Sawires had this to say:

"[The track is] about finding balance and peace within a relationship and asking the universe to step in for guidance."

‘Meaning of Our Love’ is a bold and passionate track that examines love in a new way. Sawires is a welcome addition to the Australian music scene and we’re excited to see what she does next.

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