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Mario Caldato Jr. Puts His Spin On A Classic With Remix of The Avalanches' 'Frontier Psychiatrist'

Photo credit: Gen Kay

One of The Avalanches' most iconic tracks, the wacky and wonderful 'Frontier Psychiatrist' just got even wilder with a remix from legendary producer Mario Caldato Jr.

Caldato Jr., best known for his work with Beastie Boys on several of their biggest albums in the late '80s and throughout the '90s, also boasts an impressive resume having produced and engineered records from the likes of Björk, Beck and Jack Johnson.

His remix of 'Frontier Psychiatrist' will feature as a bonus track on the upcoming 20th anniversary deluxe edition of The Avalanches' ground-breaking debut Since I Left You. It's the second teaser track for the album's expanded release, after the Prince Paul remix of the title track which was released last month.

The 'Frontier Psychiatrist' remix doesn't stray too far from the sample-heavy dance sound that The Avalanches are widely regarded for, but it does mix a few things up. Most of the original vocal samples are kept, but the instrumentals are switched up completely. The original's iconic, bombastic horn line is absent, but it's replaced by a horn sample that's pretty grand in its own right. The rest of the track bounces through sample to sample in a seamless mix.

Caldato Jr. is of course no stranger to the art of sampling, having famously engineered the Beastie Boys album Paul's Boutique, which sampled 105 different songs and amassed about a quarter million dollars in licensing fees for samples. He's got all the credentials to remix an Avalanches track.

Caldato Jr. will be joined by a host of other remixers on the Since I Left You 20th anniversary deluxe edition, including Leon Vynehall, Black Dice, and the late MF DOOM, who will feature in the form of a previously unheard vocal contribution on a remix of the track 'Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life'.

Set for release on 4 June, the deluxe edition will feature the original album plus 15 bonus tracks. 20 years later, we're ready to fall in love with Since I Left You all over again.

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