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Matilda Duncan Returns With Heart-Wrenching New Single 'Psycho'

Matilda Duncan brings a multi-faceted super-sonic offering with her latest single 'Psycho'. Since debuting in 2018 Duncan has been making tracks in the music scene, with a handful of well-received singles and incredible strings of tours and festival spots. Now after a busy 2021 playing shows in every corner and honing down on her craft, Matilda Duncan has returned to show listeners exactly who she is ready to be.

Showcasing her full stylistic power and knack for relatable story-telling, 'PSYCHO' delivers sweet and buoyant guitar tones coupled with Duncan's silky vocals, transporting listeners into her sweet and sour world of pop-rock power. Emotionally rich in lyricism and ever so eloquent, the track is poignant in it's delivery thanks to Duncan's knack for sonic storytelling and epic emotional bridges . A rollercoaster record filled with undeniable musical and lyrical talent, 'PSYCHO' is the start of a bigger and better era for Matilda Duncan.

Written during a time of evolving emotional maturity and stylistic growth, Matilda Duncan brings an air of empowerment to ‘PSYCHO’ as she realises that some people just aren’t worth the effort.

“PSYCHO is for everyone that's ever put energy into a person and realised it was a waste of time,"

"It was a bit of a turning point track stylistically and emotionally, I was certainly growing a lot around the time it was written.”

'PSYCHO' is out now on all streaming platforms.

Catch Matilda Duncan on her Queensland tour this April!

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