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MAY-A Pens A Poigant Letter To A Younger Self In 'Apricots'

Byron Bay x Sydney songwriter MAY-A releases her fourth single ‘Apricots’ - a warm sun-soaked ballad about sexuality and understanding. The emotional track questions MAY-A’s inner emotions, focusing on a blossoming queer relationship which she can’t quite get the grip of.

The honest and intimate look on the romance confronts feelings which had never been truly discovered, hidden by societal standards. MAY-A shared that, “Apricots is ultimately a story about a friendship between two girls but not in the traditional sense, it is an inner dialogue between my head and my heart. This song is super important to me because I wrote it around the time that I was coming to terms with my sexuality and realising I had feelings for a girl for the first time. I originally started writing it about a relationship, but as it evolved it became more about my current self-talking to my past self.”

As a letter to her former self 'Apricots' overflows with emotion, buoyed with sunny guitars and uplifted by delicate vocals with lyricism that hits home for many of us. ‘Apricots’ follows on from her most recent single, ‘Green’, which gained full rotation on triple j  who named her June's Feature Artist. With the coolness of Clairo and poetic sensibility of Lorde, ‘Apricots’ is the emotion filled story we have been waiting for – delivered with style by MAY-A. ‘

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