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'Me & My Baby' Robert Irish Releases Debut EP

Australian troubadour Robert Irish delves deep with his EP Me & My Baby lovingly accompanied by wife as not only a supporting vocalist but the body and soul of the record. Yet transcending utheir relationship we are transported to sunbaked plains , windswept dust bowls, at the precipice of a summer storm ready to nourish the land. This is an EP that captures a worn love, yet with bonds everlasting.

The title track 'Me & My Baby' features that comforting 80s feel that marches on, accentuated by a melancholy electric guitars that strengthens the feeling of a tireless journey. They form a fantastic back drop to Irish’s forlorn vocals that are constant through the song. Coupled with almost siren like vocals they intertwine culminating in a release of melodic ecstasy. 'Me & my Baby' is a song that shows the shadow beneath love but teaches us not to fear it.

'My and baby, we're still running yet My and baby, we're still running yet But she breaks down (He wears me out) She breaks down She's got a heart just like a home'

‘All of you’ is a ride or die love song that starts with piano and dances away like a cantering lullaby, Irish’s voice chiming in like a Roy Orbison crooner ballad. One of the sings 'Venus de Milo' beautifully expresses everyday emotions in a pensive reflections

‘now the light is on our side, you say our love is growing old, but it has not legs and it can’t walk on its own’.

A song posed as a question ‘Could You Learn to Love a River’ is a duet with Irish and his wife's vocals washing over twinkling guitars. This is a song of release and letting go by giving one’s power over and being able to trust. Solidifying the EP with all the essence of romanticism is ‘Seadreames’ - a song of reaffirming affections by delving into the path not travelled and coming to the realisation that you would've have it any other way. The sound bleeds into the final song ‘Baby Where You Are’ which endears with its exclaimation that life is bliss when you are completely entangled with your other half.

‘If I could be baby where you are, if I could be baby where you are.

If I could see baby what you see, then I would know baby what you know,

just to be baby where you are, if I could know baby what you know if I could go baby where you go then I could see baby what you see.’

Me & My Baby is a piece of art that just happens to chronicle a relationship with a history. Although a tribute to Irish’s love we are taken on our own journey through the universal mystery of love itself.


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